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Wilo Egypt Conducts In-House Seminars at Its New Premises in Cairo

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Sunday, May 21st 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]

Wilo Egypt, the new subsidiary of the German company Wilo SE, the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems, recently organized in-house seminars at its new premises in Cairo. The two-day seminars aimed to introduce the Egyptian market to Wilo’s latest pump solutions and technologies.

The first day’s seminar was held in cooperation with Wilo’s distributor Water Life Co., and attended by senior level officers from Water & Wastewater Holding Company (WWHC), while the second day’s seminar was in cooperation with Wilo’s distributor Kayan Co., and attended by representatives of renowned consultancies in Cairo.

Commenting on the seminars, Yasser Nagi, Managing Director, Wilo Egypt said, “The Egyptian market is a very large, promising and pivotal market in the region. Hence, organizing these seminars is essential to introduce the market to systems for building services, entire water management chain and the industrial sector. This allows all partners in these sectors to benefit from the latest solution we offer.”

“One of the main challenges we face is ‘Market Awareness,’ and in order to tackle this challenge we invited consultants and potential clients to our office in these seminars. I believe that the seminars were a success, and we will organize similar events during the 2nd half of the year and beyond,” he added.

Notably, Wilo SE launched its subsidiary in Egypt in early 2017, with a new office located in New Cairo. The new subsidiary Wilo Egypt will handle the sales and after sales support in cooperation with its distributors across Egypt. Through the technologies and the know-how it provides, Wilo Egypt will bring new solutions to the current challenges faced in Egypt in terms of both clean and waste water.

For his part, Daniel Busuioc, Head of Business Development– Water Management, Wilo SE, commented, “The participation during the first day for the water management topic was satisfactory. It reflected the Egyptian market’s interest in German quality and technologies. The interaction with the participants was good, the questions were challenging and we were able to clarify everything, and we were extremely pleased with the outcomes.”

Following the first seminar and at the request of engineers from WWHC, Wilo presented its latest solutions of waste water for WWHC management team. The presentation lasted for 15 minutes, and the questions and discussions that followed it lasted for one and a half hours, in a clear sign of WWHC interest in using this solution to prevent the clogging in their sewer systems.

Ioannis Lappas, Head of Business Development–Building Services, Wilo SE, who attended the event noted, “My impression is that participants and customers recognize Wilo as one of the major players in this industry. The seminars granted us the opportunity to show that we offer systems that ensure reliable operations which users can rely on in different applications.”

About Wilo SE in Germany

WILO SE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for building services, the entire water management chain and the industrial sector. The company, who achieved sales of more than 1.3 billion Euro last year, is heavily involved in research and development. The Dortmund-based company is progressively evolving from a components supplier to a system supplier. The Wilo name is internationally recognized as being synonymous with high-tech in the pump industry. The company owes its success to its workforce of around 7,400 employees in over 60 subsidiaries around the world.


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