Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) and Hurricane Electric Expand Internet Connectivity and Enhance End User Experience in Africa

 The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) serves Hurricane Electric as it continues its global expansion with the opening of its most recent Point of Presence (PoP) in east Africa

DJIBOUTI CITY, Djibouti -Monday, May 15th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hurricane Electric has strengthened its global network with new regional network connectivity in Africa by establishing a new point of presence (PoP) at the Djibouti Data Center (DDC), bolstering its ongoing commitment to the economic development of the region through the provision of improved IP connectivity and global network access.

By joining the DDC ecosystem – including the Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX) – Hurricane Electric is leveraging new capabilities to provide higher performance and low latency Internet connectivity across many of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets. With the launch of the company’s latest PoP in Djibouti, Hurricane Electric is further expanding access in east Africa to the company’s IPv4 and IPv6 network through 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) and GigE (1 Gigabit Ethernet) ports.

“We are very excited about having Hurricane Electric join the DDC community, which is now a leading regional hub providing advanced services in Africa to our partners,” said Anthony Voscarides, Chief Executive Officer of the DDC. “The DDC and DjIX ecosystem is well placed in east Africa to attract major Internet service providers and positions the hosting DDC ecosystem as a major Internet hub in Africa for the ‘good of the Internet’ and the rapidly growing Internet communities across all of Africa.”

“We are delighted to partner with the DDC, which will further extend our global network reach into east Africa’s growing telecommunications market,” said, Mike Leber, President of Hurricane Electric. “Companies hosted at the DDC, can now utilize Hurricane Electric’s extensive IPv4 and IPv6 network and as a result, will be able to experience increased throughput, reduced latency and improved reliability. Additionally, companies at the DjIX will gain additional peering capacity”

In 2016, the DDC implemented the neutral, open, and independent Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX), which gives global and regional telcos, mobile network operators, ISPs, content, and CDN network service providers greater control over their Internet traffic flow to better serve the populations in east Africa. The DjIX leverages the core DDC ecosystem and its unique access to 11 international and regional fiber cable systems to provide a high speed, reliable and resilient IP exchange facility.

About the Djibouti Data Center (DDC) and the DjIX

The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) is the first and only Tier 3 carrier-neutral data center ecosystem in east Africa with direct access to all major international and regional fiber optic systems connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia markets with Africa – including upcoming AAE1 and SMW5. The DDC also operates the Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX), a neutral and independent IXP in Africa. The DjIX offers high speed, reliable, and resilient service. Both the DDC and DjIX are catalysts in east Africa that enable new applications and services that help to drive economic development and social well being in the region. Learn more about the DDC and the DjIX, please visit www.djiboutidatacenter.com

About Hurricane Electric

Fremont, California-based Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world as measured by number of networks connected. Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected to 155 major exchange points and exchanges traffic directly with more than 6,000 different networks. Employing a resilient fibre-optic topology, Hurricane Electric has no less than four redundant paths crossing North America, three separate paths between the U.S. and Europe, and rings in Europe and Asia.

In addition to its vast global network, Hurricane Electric owns and operates two data centers in Fremont, California, including Fremont 2, its newest 208,000 square foot facility. Hurricane Electric offers IPv4 and IPv6 transit solutions over the same connection at speeds including 10 Gbps and 100 GbpsEthernet.

For more information on Hurricane Electric, please visit http://he.net.


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