Wednesday, May 17, 2017

UAE-based Company Offers Complete Online Threat Monitoring Package for Airport Authorities and the Aviation Industry

BrandHawk Service provides custom-tailored solutions for aviation authorities for monitoring social media, online sites, fake domains, and dark web for any threats to the aviation industry

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Wednesday, May 17th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]

Airports are the central hubs of our world – miniature self-contained cities that provide to the needs of hundreds of thousands of people daily, from travel to entertainment to housing. Airports are very visible on many levels and channels, and have hundreds of visible assets, both physically, and online as well. There are always threats to these assets, in the form of scammers, criminals, and threat actors. Airports need to have these threats and issues monitored, reported, and addressed.

Enter Managed FZ-LLC, leaders in the industry of Online Threat Monitoring, and their BrandHawk Online Brand Abuse Monitoring service. The service, already in use by some of the largest organizations and corporations in the UAE and the region, provides clients with easy-to-understand, actionable data, and reports designed to show any and all areas that need attention.

Managed has a 24x7x365 monitoring center based in Dubai, which monitors threats globally. Using sophisticated proprietary tools and region-savvy analysts who review all threats, BrandHawk collects and shows all threat data on a high-level, real-time dashboard, perfect for aviation security professionals. Clients can easily see and receive live, real-time alerts that show relevant threats, from brand abuse to derogatory online content to specific threats. These alerts are categorized based on their threat level, and are also sent by email, SMS, and even phone calls if the situation is severe enough, enabling managers and directors to stay up-to-date with their online exposure, and mitigate the risks.

To learn more about BrandHawk, contact Managed Services now.

Managed is a leading provider of innovative solutions in Online Threat Management & Mitigation, Brand Risk Monitoring and Managed Cyber Security Services for high profile Government and private sector organizations. Built around the concept of safeguarding our client’s information and IT infrastructure, we enable our clients to focus on their business growth without worrying about their IT and online security.

Managed’s customer base includes Government organizations, telecom operators and finance, aviation, media and news organizations. Managed’s obsessive focus on customer service is built around its large 24x7x365 NOC SOC and Monitoring Center in Dubai, which provides proactive monitoring and client support services.


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