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Security Support Department Delegation Successfully Concludes its Visit to Italy

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Friday, October 23rd 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The team of the Security Support Department at the Security Support Directorate General at the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior successfully concluded the intensive training course, which was held at the International Police Training Center in the City of Vicenza at the invitation of the Italian police (Carabinieri). The visit is part of the international expertise exchange program.

Towards the end of the course, Brigadier General Paolo Nardone, Director of the International Police Training Center distributed certificates of appreciation and excellence to members of the Security Support Department delegation; praising their high efficiency, excellence and commitment; and their high mental capacities that were highly acclaimed and appreciated by everyone.

Moreover, Brigadier Nardone praised the capacities, physical capabilities, and skills demonstrated by the team members in the confrontations and drills, according to well-elaborated scenarios. He said: Such skills prove the readiness, preparedness, and speed of response of the team members and their ability to adapt to various conditions.” He also noted that the excellence proven by the “Security Support” members, the high level of individual and collective skills, and discipline reflect the prestigious stature attained by the UAE  Police on par with similar entities worldwide.

The Security Support’s delegation had successfully passed an intensive training course at the prestigious training institute in the Italian city of Vicenza. As a part of the course, participants were acquainted with the work mechanisms adopted by specialized police units in Italy and their methods to combat crime. They also examined the different types of firearms and weapons, and conducted life shooting training; in addition to intensive training on special intervention, using ropes and ladders within high tactics.

The course also included intensive practical training, theoretical and legal lectures, and security training scenarios that cover intervention, VIP protection, criminal pursuits, and training on advanced equipment devices, and weapons.

For his part, Major Mohammed Mubarak Al Masa’bi, Chief of Security Support Patrols Section explained that the visit comes within the framework of the international expertise exchange program. “The visit also comes in line with the strategy of the police general headquarters to gain the necessary expertise and improve police work; so as to serve the community efficiently and professionally and to acquire the best ways to combat and prevent crimes,” he noted.

Adding further, he said: “The development of human resources and keenness to carry out the knowledge exchange program with global scientific institutions are part of the department’s strategic plans. The visits carried out by the Security Support delegation to a number of developed countries, within the international expertise exchange program and taking part in the daily tasks and training carried out by the police authorities in those countries, contribute to enhancing competencies and capabilities of staff members and increase interaction between Security Support members and their peers.”

Major Al Masa’bi emphasized that the visits allowed the delegation to review modern police tactics and innovative ideas, in keeping with the commitment to keep pace with the latest developments in police and security work in western capitals. Staff members of the Security Support Department proved high discipline and efficiency in this regard, which earned them international praise.

Lieutenant Bader Mohamed Al Riyami, Head of the Security Support Delegation and Training and Services Branch Manager at the Department, revealed that the visit was successful on all levels. “Members of the Security Support delegation demonstrated excellence and high skills, which were highly acclaimed by the Italians. We carried out extensive training at the center of excellence, which reinforced the capabilities of the Security Support members, who successfully passed the course with seriousness and a high sense of responsibility,” he said.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Al Riyami noted: “The Security Support team received a particularly warm welcome as of the first day of the visit. We were greeted upon arrival with an outstanding parachute show carried out by the Carabinieri paratroopers, which included skydiving while carrying the UAE flag, as a tribute to the delegation, to the UAE’s good reputation, and to the prestigious stature attained by the Emirati Police, on par with the best international levels.”

It is worth mentioning that the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU), is an International Training Center specialized in police sciences; and a comprehensive training facility. The Center’s programs cover practical training and specialized theoretical lectures. The Center’s compound includes teaching rooms, multimedia and projection rooms equipped with modern devices, shooting ranges, and external training areas that simulate various residential and geographic environments.

The Center is managed by police experts and professionals under the umbrella of the Carabinieri, with prestigious international renown. The Italian Carabinieri were given a mandate to establish a Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units to spearhead the development of training and doctrinal standards for police units and civilian institutions to conduct international peacekeeping missions and other essential policing tasks.

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