Monday, October 26, 2015

Announcing the NC450, TP-Link's Latest Day/Night Cloud Camera that Features Pan, Tilt, and Night Vision Functions

The NC450 combines the best of both worlds. It provides the powerful functions of a feature-rich HD cloud camera, while remaining simple, intuitive, and easy to install.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, October 20th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

TP-LINK, the world’s leading innovator and provider of home and small/medium business networking solutions, announced the release of the NC450, the latest in a robust line-up of cloud camera solutions that conform to your busy lifestyle by supporting easy, direct access. With the tpCamera® app, TP-LINK aims to make wireless surveillance for home and business users a hassle-free experience for people with all levels of experience.

This is made possible through cloud-based technology, which is rapidly changing the way we live our lives and creating a universal platform for sharing and controlling the things that matter most. This growing prevalence of these technologies has allowed cloud cameras to become the most modern method of providing security and peace of mind for yourself and those you care about. TP-LINK's NC450 takes full advantage of this technological revolution to create a user friendly surveillance experience for the home or the office.

The setup and configuration process has been simplified to include only three simple steps: Connect - Register - View. Installation is easy and, in just a few short minutes, you can be ready to put your NC450 to full use via the web portal or the beautifully intuitive tpCamera app.

High Definition Night Vision Camera

The NC450 Cloud Camera sees in high definition. The camera shoots in 720p resolution, guaranteeing that you will always have a clear, sharp view of everything that is happening. The addition of infrared LEDs allows you to see just as clearly in the dark as you can in the light, ensuring that you can feel safe and secure at any time of the day or night.

In addition to the high definition camera, the NC450 also features both a microphone and a speaker, enabling two-way audio communication. You will be able to hear everything that is happening, as you watch it happen. You will also have the ability to communicate with anyone in the space via the built-in speaker, meaning that you can talk to your employees or family members from wherever you are.

Whole Room Surveillance with Pan and Tilt

With the NC450, users have the ability to remotely control the orientation of the camera, greatly improving its field of view. The automated pan and tilt controls allow you to point the camera exactly where you want and change its angle at any time. TP-LINK has paired these capabilities with a 10x digital zoom function, ensuring that you will always be able to see what you want, when you want.

Sound and Motion Detection

To help you feel as safe and secure as possible, even when you are too busy to actively monitor the feed from your camera, the NC450 Cloud Camera includes a Sound and Motion Detection function. This allows you to immediately receive customized notifications, via email or FTP, whenever motion or sound is detected. With the NC450's automatic alert functionality, you can always be aware of what is happening at your home or business.

tpCamera App

The tpCamera® app was developed by TP-LINK and is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It provides an effective, user-friendly way to take control of your NC450 Cloud Camera from anywhere, at any time. The app also allows you to take pictures and record video with the touch of a button.

NC450 Key Features

    720P HD resolution
    IR LEDs for automatic night vision
    notifications triggered by Motion and Sound Detection
    H.264 standard video compression
    10x digital zoom
    Built-in microphone and speaker
    tpCamera app and web portal -
    Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
    Micro-SD card slot
    Stability and speed with 300Mbps wireless connectivity


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