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MoI Council in Al Ain Hails the Ministry’s Efforts against Drugs

Participants: Enhancing Awareness of Youth about Drugs Starts with the Family

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Friday, January 23rd 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Citizens participating in the Ministry of Interior’s council hosted by Mufleh Ayed Al Ahbabi’s majlis in Al Ain, on Tursday evening, hailed the efforts exerted by the ministry in the fight against drugs that are detrimental to youth, who are the pillars of every society’s future.

Participants at the council, which comes as a part of the year-long awareness councils organized by represented by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Ministry of Interior, reiterated that enhancing awareness among the youth about the harmful and negative effects of drugs on society begins at home, as the family unit forms the cornerstone of any healthy society. Participants also stressed the need to avail of social media as a tool to boost the awareness of the youth about the dangers of drug use and abuse.

The council discussed the drug scourge plaguing the youth, as well as the psychological, health and costly economic consequences of drugs on the family and society. Eng. Dhafer Ayed Al Ahbabi, Chairman of Al Foah Factory, said that drugs are a form of intellectual invasion of the youth’s minds; aimed particularly at undermining the significant cultural advancements achieved by the UAE.

Colonel Staff Mohamed Masoud Al Ahbabi of the Armed Forces highlighted the main factors that lead to drug use and abuse among the youth, notably the lack of parental supervision and follow up.

Colonel Staff Al Ahbabi also called for establishing a dialogue between parents and their children and encouraging them to choose and have good companions. He said that lack of parental awareness and failure to involve children in responsibilities are a major cause of children behavioral deviation, especially drug abuse. He praised the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior to spread awareness about the dangerous consequences of the drug scourge and its commitment to use every available resource to fight substance abuse.

For his part, Lt. Colonel Dr. Hamoud Al Afari, Deputy Director of the Law Respect Culture Bureau, stressed the keenness of the ministry to promote the policing awareness of the public, as well as the need to fighting all types of crime including drug abuse.

Major Mohamed Al Mansouri (from Abu Dhabi Police), said that drug use sometimes starts at home; the major factors being a dysfunctional family, and lack of parental supervision among others.

Captain Juma’a Bilal Al Suwaidi (from Dubai Police) pointed to the need for drug abusers to avail of the laws and regulations in the UAE, which provide them with the highest levels of protection and access to confidential treatment without being accountable, in case they seek treatment of their own free will.

The participants agreed on the important and valuable role undertaken by the various media outlets. Kahlid Mesfer Al Ahbabi, media figure and journalist for Al Ittihad newspaper, said that the media is one of the most powerful and effective instruments of awareness. “The lack of media awareness and information is a key cause of drug use and abuse among the youth,” he said.

Media figure, Abdullah Ismail, presenter for Dubai Media Incorporated and moderator of the council, commended the efforts of the ministry, represented by the Security Media Department. “The ministry seeks collaboration with the various police departments and concerned authorities, to organize year-long awareness campaigns that target the various sectors of society in a bid to promote awareness about the dangers of drugs,” he said.

The council hosted Mohamed Al Bloushi (former drug addict), who told his experience as a drug addict and drug trafficker. He elaborated openly on how he became prey to this rampant vice and warned the youth against drug use and abuse.

For his part, Mufleh Ayed Al Ahbabi (host of the council) spoke about the importance of the awareness councils organized by the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Law Respect Culture Bureau. He said: “Such councils bring citizens closer and help to address negative behaviors. They also contribute to fighting all forms of nefarious phenomena that plague the Emirati society, and provide the appropriate solutions.” In conclusion, he expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Interior, for organizing this social initiative aimed at promoting legal awareness among the various society segments.

Participants at the council recommended additional collaboration between competent authorities and government bodies and ministries, as well as all sectors of society, in an effort to boost awareness about the dangers of drugs. They also recommended establishing specialized centers to prepare booklets and organize awareness lectures with the objective of enhancing legal education in society, as well as leveraging social media to raise the youth’s awareness about drugs.

The council concluded with a poem recitation by poet Jaber Naser Al Ahbabi, titled “Drugs”, which tackled the importance of raising the awareness of society about the dangers of drug abuse and abuse. Towards the end of the council, Lt. Colonel Dr. Hamoud Al Afari, Deputy Director of the Law Respect Culture Bureau, honored the host of the council Mufleh Ayed Al Ahbabi and awarded him a commemorative shield.

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