Thursday, July 3, 2014

Global Invacom Unveils New Range of Globally Configurable FibreIRS™ Mk III GTUs and SwitchBlade™ Fibre-Multiswitch Products

LONDON - Wednesday, July 2nd 2014 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Global Invacom, a leading innovator and manufacturer of technology to the global satellite industry, has launched a new range of programmable FibreIRS™ Mk III GTUs and SwitchBlade fibre-multiswitch products for the distribution of multiple satellite TV services in MDUs, hotels and enterprises throughout the world.

Global Invacom developed the FibreIRS™ architecture and products to enable cost-effective satellite TV service distribution throughout MDUs and hotels. This uses resilient, lightweight optical fibre cable backbones rather than traditional, expensive coaxial cable that is highly susceptible to interference and picture degradation and requires signal amplifiers throughout the building.

“This new range of products is based on our programmable Romeo & Juliet chip-set that has enabled us to develop single configurable products for worldwide markets. Furthermore, these products are software configurable in the factory or by installers in the field to meet any of the many satellite TV frequency plans used in the world,” said Malcolm Burrell, Technical Director.

David Fugeman, Sales & Marketing Director said, “The Mk III GTU and SwitchBlade fibre-multiswitch products now enable us to proliferate our products and the FibreIRS™ architecture on a global basis and the cost reductions this allows will certainly help in growing the market & the overall adoption of the technology.”

About Global Invacom Group Limited

Global Invacom Group Limited (“Global Invacom”) is the result of a reverse takeover of UK-based satellite equipment company Global Invacom Holdings Limited, by SGX-ST listed Radiance Group Limited.

As a result of the merger, Global Invacom is now a fully integrated satellite equipment provider listed on the SGX Mainboard, with five manufacturing plants across China, Malaysia and UK, providing electronics manufacturing services in satellite communications, TV peripherals, computer peripherals, medical, and consumer electronics industries. It is also one of seven companies in the world involved in R&D, design and supply of satellite components and products to large-scale satellite broadcasters to offer a full range of LNB receivers, transmitters, switches and video distribution components. Its customers include satellite broadcasters such as BSkyB of the UK and DISH Network of the US.

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