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Braun and Sebastian Vettel start a new wave of shaving: with BRAUN WaterFlex

Braun and F1 World Champion Seb Vettel launch Braun’s latest innovation in Silverstone

SILVERSTONE, England - Tuesday, July 8th 2014 [ME NewsWire]
(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today, Braun and quadruple Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel launch a new wave of shaving with Braun WaterFlex – Braun’s latest innovation fully designed and engineered to explore shaving with water, foam and gel, transforming an electric shave into a whole new sensorial experience.
This exciting announcement marks the first year anniversary of Sebastian Vettel becoming the Global Brand Ambassador for Braun. Last year, Braun and Sebastian launched the ‘Hold on to your Dreams’ campaign which inspires men worldwide to pursue their dreams and never give up on them. This is the story of steely determination, in racing, in engineering, in pursuing and fulfilling men’s dreams. Now, with the launch of the new Braun WaterFlex, their collaboration is stronger than ever. Both Sebastian and Braun know that dreams don’t happen by chance. Pursuing a dream is about reinventing yourself, to always strive for the best. For both Braun and Vettel innovation is their lifeblood - their Raison d’etre.
Reponding to consumer’s needs through a new wave of shaving Braun WaterFlex adds a new dimension to the Braun portfolio. It’s Braun’s first shaver designed exclusively for use with water, foam or gel. WaterFlex inspires men who, just like Sebastian, constantly seek out new experiences. It is a statement: Electric shaving isn’t ‘just’ dry any longer. Braun consumer testing* discovered that for many men electric shaving with foam is a more enjoyable experience. They discover a faster glide and an easier shave, improved closeness, and elevated skin comfort & freshness. The WaterFlex swivel head in combination with water, foam or gel reduces friction – allowing the electric shaver to gently glide across skin for a comfortable and close shave.
Seb Vettel says: “Being a Formula 1 driver I’m always open to new experiences and innovations that will improve my performance – both on and off the track. This shaver makes shaving exciting and fun. It’s simply different, give it a try!”
The perfect fusion of Technology and Design
“At Braun we create innovative products which people enjoy using. From a technical perspective the challenge we set ourselves is to always create a better product than our last by working with the latest technology we have available.” commented Jürgen Höser, Associate Director Braun Global Male Power Grooming Research & Development. At Braun, cutting-edge technological development is not conducted in silos. Braun engineers and designers work hand in hand like a team of pit stop engineers by driving technologies, materials and processes to the absolute maximum, and creating perfectly crafted products. Braun’s Director Global of Design, Prof. Dipl. Oliver Grabes, continues: “Our products are highly functional, intuitive to use and last for generations. Design isn’t just about making the product look great, it’s about ensuring each and every aspect has a function. Braun WaterFlex is the embodiment of this idea.”
Innovation – where Braun and High-Speed Racing comes together Braun continues to innovate to raise the industry standard, using the latest breakthrough technologies to create cutting-edge performing products. For Sebastian Vettel, having the right equipment is key, just as the tyres on his Formula 1 car need to suit the terrain, his shaver needs to suit his skin and performance need. The Braun Male Power Grooming range delivers the ultimate shaving performance and skin experience for every occasion and need.
* Research was carried out in Japan, US and China among men who electric-shave but never tried ‘wet electric’, 2013.
About Braun
Braun, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble founded in Germany in 1921, develops and manufactures a wide variety of small domestic appliances that marry technical innovation, reliable quality and distinctive design. These range from electric shavers and beauty products to hair care appliances. Braun products enjoy worldwide distribution. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about the Braun brand.
About Proctor & Gamble
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