Thursday, June 26, 2014

With U Introduces Licensees to the Characters of Popular Gaming App "Happy Ningels"

From Facebook Game to Trade Show -- the Charming Cast of Ningels Make Appearance at Licensing Japan

SAPPORO, Japan - Wednesday, June 25th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

Licensing Japan 2014

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With U Co., Ltd. will introduce global visitors to Happy Ningels main character Molly and her Ningel buddies at Licensing Japan, held in Tokyo starting July 2nd. With U will be at booth # 21-20.

Developed by With U, the popular Facebook game Happy Ningels revolves around the adventures of angelic baby ninjas as they travel through a fantasy world, weaving a story equal parts adorable and stylish.

Having supervised development of Happy Ningels, With U Vice President and character creator Yukako Yamaguchi noted her inspiration for crafting the game: “I hope that the act of aiding the Ningels on their journey will serve to bring together not only parents and children but all people, putting a smile on their faces in the process.” Yukako added, “Developed with a distinctly feminine touch, Happy Ningels will make its debut as a licensable property at Licensing Japan, where With U will welcome visitors from around the world.”

With more than a thousand unique items and a cast of distinct and adorable characters, Happy Ningels was designed to be enjoyed by a wide audience, irrespective of age, gender, or nationality. The game’s cast of characters explore a world where no harm becomes anyone, a sentiment reflected in aspects such as the cut-scene where a loving mother embraces the Ningels upon failure to complete a level. With U looks forward to discovering business partners interested in sharing our message of kindness and comfort with a global audience.

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About Happy Ningels In the world of Happy Ningels, babies transform into ninjas by drinking milk, using their special abilities to solve mysteries and advance through the puzzle-filled Action Stages. In Decoration Mode, the second component of the game, players can enjoy expressing themselves by customizing their home using items and coins collected on their adventures. To advance in the game, players must exhibit careful thought and creativity, with social aspects such as the invitation of friends playing a key role.

About With U Engaged in the importation of naturally-derived hair colorants that are both consumer and eco-friendly since its founding in 2001, With U is headed by an exclusively female group of executives. Building on this foundation and grounded in a philosophy of kindness and understanding, the G with U gaming division developed the Facebook application Happy Ningels for a global audience. From 2014 onward, we are planning a series of wide-ranging promotional activities, such as the release of a mobile version of Happy Ningels in the Fall and new game projects in the Winter.

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