Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wireless Seismic, Inc. and Geopartner Announce Purchase of RT System 2

SUGAR LAND, Texas - Wednesday, June 18th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Wireless Seismic, Inc., the leading innovator of real-time and cable-free seismic data acquisition systems for the oil and gas industry, announced today the purchase of its RT System 2 seismic data acquisition system by Geopartner Sp. z o.o. Based in Krakow, Poland, Geopartner is a leading provider of non-seismic geophysical services, including magnetotellurics, gravity and magnetics.

“We have now taken a significant step in expanding our services to include seismic reflection surveys,” stated Jacek Slowinski, President of Geopartner. “RT System 2 will enable a specific and efficient methodology for acquisition, and optimizing processing and interpretation using joint inversion algorithms. It will give us a clear advantage because of its easy adaptability to the varied projects that we anticipate acquiring in the future.”

“RT System 2’s innovative functionality made choosing the system easy,” continued Slowinski. “A cable-less and real-time system that includes efficient and integrated battery management is a product that the market has been demanding for a long time and is now reality. We look forward to providing a complementary and integrated service with our existing geophysical methods.”

“This sale to Geopartner marks the latest expansion in RT System 2’s global reach,” said Roy Kligfield, CEO, Wireless Seismic. “Geopartner has decided initially to configure the system with a single high-sensitivity geophone for each receiver point. By doing so, it will enable deployment of the system with a very low headcount crew, thus minimizing costs and the environmental impact of their survey operations.”

About Wireless Seismic

Wireless Seismic, Inc. is revolutionizing onshore seismic data acquisition with RT System 2, the industry’s only fully scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time data transmission. Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, with offices worldwide, the company’s recording systems enable contractors to efficiently tackle the most challenging projects by delivering commercially compelling solutions for conventional surveys and passive monitoring for hydraulic fracturing.

About Geopartner

Geopartner Sp. z o.o. provides specialist services for geological and geophysical structural investigations connected with subsurface layers of the lithosphere. Initially, Geopartner started by focusing on using ground penetrating radar to measure subsurface structures. It has since significantly extended the Company’s range of services to now cover geophysics, geo-technology, hydro-geology, environmental protection, and geophysical data processing and interpretation.


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