Monday, May 19, 2014

Nucleus Research Evaluates Functionality and Usability of CPM Vendors; BOARD Recognized as a Leader

The CPM Value Matrix measures ability to deliver initial ROI and maximum value over time. BOARD likely to deliver the greatest potential returns.

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LUGANO, Switzerland. - Monday, May 19th 2014

BOARD International, vendor of the only unified solution for Business Intelligence and Perfomance Management, has been declared a Leader by Nucleus Research in the 2014 Corporate Performance Management Technology Value Matrix. Nucleus analyzed both the functionality and usability features of software vendors in the space and concluded that the integration of CPM with business intelligence as well as support for performance management across business units offers the most benefits to an organization.

"BOARD provides a high level of data maturity and analytics compared to most CPM solutions while supporting accelerated time-to-value across financial, strategic, and operational planning use cases. This maturity delivers high customer satisfaction led by BOARD’s ability to provide value consistently based on a strong data-driven infrastructure," said Nina Sandy, principal analyst, Nucleus Research.

Nucleus defined Leaders as those with integration of CPM with business intelligence, consolidation and other added functionalities. The research states, “Swiss-based BOARD provides an integrated solution that is cost effective, has provided revenue improvements, and cost savings for its customers”. Combined with a powerful InMemory technology, BOARD offers a unique combination of performance and cost-effectiveness.

Giovanni Grossi, CEO of BOARD International states, “We are very pleased to be recognized as a Leader for the advantages of our integrated approach to BI and CPM. We want our clients to get the most out of a tool to support and enhance their business, and to make the most informed decisions based on a comprehensive view of all line of business tasks. In general, BOARD provides a value proposition unparalleled by other vendors as the only all in one solution that can be implemented across the enterprise with ease and flexibility.”

For a full version of Value Matrix click here.

About BOARD:

BOARD International is a leading global provider of software to improve business results through more effective decision-making. Thanks to the seamless integration of business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) in a single product allows users of the BOARD Management Intelligence solution to achieve a single view of their business performance and thus a single version of the truth. Since 1994 BOARD has so helped over 2,500 organizations to better business performance through better decisions. BOARD has a worldwide network of subsidiaries, distributors and local partners.


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