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LONDON - Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Using GUEST FOR HOME, don't suffer the crisis: you are the cure! Let the world introduce you himself to his best experiences: connect, travel… and earn!

Conceived and funded by a french entrepreneur and technologically developed in India, GUEST FOR HOME makes the bet of the human wealth as a remedy against the economic crisis.

Usable by future users around ten major languages, this website is designed to facilitate the development of all initiatives related to the collaborative economy concerning the travels, and this in an initial presence of 40 countries, on every continent at the same time on the day of its launch, through a network of local ambassadors chosen for their energy and knowledge of territories.

Whether it is to give cooking classes against the discovery of a foreign culture homestays, receive small DIY works paying part of the housing, or swap home for cheaper holidays, rent a guest house with an unusual character or a room in a charming hotel abroad, GUEST FOR HOME intends to give power back to meetings, exchanges, authenticity and solidarity.

No time for yourself? You want to bring value to what you can do? You just need a break, to start on the right foot? Look at your life in front of the offset clip and join us! With GUEST FOR HOME simply restore the best that is in you.

A friendly, efficient and economic plateform:

Because no technological development such a scope like GUEST FOR HOME can stand on free use, some subscription forms were studied to be affordable and amortizable from the first exchange, with the possibility of free renewal in the second year if unsuccessful exchange during the first 12 months.

Furthermore, for reasons of equity and solidarity, these rates are adapted to the local standard of living in each country.

Find the richness of authenticity:

Explore a wide range of destinations, share the best of yourself, restore meaning to your life by rediscovering mutual aid, enrich yourself from cultural differences, enjoy an immersion in the nearest local culture, and you will live unforgettable experiences that greatly surpass the already small yet significant advantage of savings in times of crisis.

Using GUEST FOR HOME, don't suffer the crisis: you are the cure!

Mathieu BURTHEY: French, multilingual, passionate and autodidact entrepreneur. Enjoying challenges and contacts, he takes its inspiration from the diversity of human characters and cultural exchanges. Rich in many experiences in logistics and industry, but also in expertises brought to many struggling entrepreneurs, he developed his GUEST FOR HOME project in six months by focusing on two very simple things:

* The exchange of ideas from many heads will always be richer than those who only come out from one head

* The collaborative economy is a growing field despite the economic crisis

More than a ambitious project, GUEST FOR HOME is probably just his unspoken dream of a better world.

Connect, travel… and earn!

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Mathieu BURTHEY, Funder, CEO & Press Relations - France

English + French + Czech speaking (+33)7 81 42 95 52

Nicolas BREGANT, Communications Advisor & Press Relations - France

French speaking (+33) 7 81 49 38 12


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