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  Easyprint with more than 3 million royalty-free stock photos and 12 million free design templates for digital and print products

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- The e-commerce technology company has announced several exciting innovations for its brands and On top of the launch of interactive 2D and 3D product preview visualisations, the company is expanding its offering through a partnership with, a company, and is also making more than 12 million premium design templates available to its users.

Cooperation with

In close collaboration with Pexels, a subsidiary of, Easyprint is expanding its offering to include 3 million royalty-free stock images that users can access free of charge and without restriction for their individual projects. “This partnership will allow our customers to take their creativity to a whole new level, and at no cost whatsoever,“ points out Fabian Frenzel, CEO of SE.

Over 12 million design templates for digital and print products

Using the more than 12 million free design templates available at, users are completely free to design not only their print products such as flyers, postcards and business cards, but also a wide range of digital products. Whether digital invitations, greeting cards or social media posts – the choice is virtually limitless.

Innovation in 2D/3D visualisation

In addition to these exciting new features, is introducing innovative 2D and 3D product preview visualisations. This feature allows users to view and share their customised print products in a physical setting as well as animated in three dimensions on their desktop and mobile screens. Users can rotate their sharable products 360 degrees in a 3D view, offering an intuitive exploration from all angles.

“The combination of high-quality stock images, a wide range of free design templates for digital and print products and interactive 2D/3D visualisations sets our offer apart in the market,“ explains Fabian Frenzel. “This cements our position as one of Europe’s leading web-to-print providers.“

Outlook has also its sights set on integrating Augmented Reality (AR) into its digital retail platforms in the future. This will allow users to overlay 3D visuals of their custom print creations in real-world settings using their mobile devices, offering an enriching and enjoyable shopping experience. SE is an innovative e-commerce technology company with global operations in the fields of design, marketing, print and publishing. With around 300 employees worldwide, SE offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of photography, interior design, clubs/gastronomy/hotels, ceramics, textiles, large format printing, events, promotional materials, advertising technology and much more.

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