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NIQ Expands Data Sharing within the Connect Platform with Snowflake

CHICAGO - Tuesday, 19. September 2023

Availability through Snowflake Data Sharing Efficiently Enhances Real-Time Data Access

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- NIQ, the global leader in consumer intelligence, is pleased to announce the NIQ Connect platform capabilities have now expanded to use Snowflake Secure Data Sharing. This capability marks a significant milestone for NIQ's Connect platform, empowering customers in 84 global markets with enhanced data-sharing capabilities and seamless real-time data access. As a result, this can eliminate processing and loading wait times, delivering unparalleled efficiency and agility in a complex consumer landscape.

“By extending their ability to effortlessly access global, omnichannel data, we can empower clients to uncover new pathways to growth even within a very complex consumer landscape,” said Troy Treangen, Chief Product Officer at NIQ. “Innovation is our compass, and our commitment to reengineering the Connect platform has charted a new course. Our strategic investments have allowed us to unlock the power of modern data sharing capabilities, guiding our clients towards a brighter, data-driven future."

NIQ Connect is a crucial asset for enterprises, enabling them to harness their data across all facets of their organization. With integrated data assets, businesses can readily identify emerging trends, pinpoint performance gaps, and respond swiftly to growth opportunities. This global collaboration is poised to unveil novel insights, leading to a deeper understanding of customers' behavior and preferences.

Additional highlights of the NIQ’s Connect platform integration with Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud include:

    Seamless Data Integration: Companies will benefit from the seamless integration of NIQ's rich consumer and market data into Snowflake’s environment. This integration simplifies access to vast data sources, and drives significant speed improvements for our clients when accessing data.

    Secure Data Sharing: Availability through Snowflake facilitates near real-time data sharing, enabling businesses to access and query NIQ's data instantaneously. This dynamic exchange of information empowers organizations to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business landscape.

    Scalability and Flexibility: NIQ’s Connect platform with Snowflake Secure Data Sharing is designed to scale effortlessly with the growing data needs of businesses. Whether a company is a startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise, this provides the flexibility to adapt and grow in a rapidly changing environment.

    Enhanced AI and Machine Learning Capabilities: Businesses can leverage advanced analytics and machine learning within Snowflake's platform to derive actionable insights from NIQ's data. This synergy fosters innovation, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions with precision.

    Data Security and Compliance: Both NIQ and Snowflake prioritize data security and compliance. The joint solution ensures that sensitive data is protected providing peace of mind to businesses and their customers while enabling them to meet evolving regulatory requirements.

“NIQ is committed to helping companies become more agile at a time when being able to move quickly based on accurate data is paramount,” Treangen added. “This innovative data-sharing approach will provide Connect customers a competitive advantage today and be better prepared for the future. We are modernizing every level of our Connect platform, and we are excited about the enhancements to help our clients thrive.”

“As an incumbent leader in retail and consumer insights, NIQ has been a staple in the retail industry for delivering data that give a competitive edge to retailers and consumer product companies,” said Rosemary DeAragon, Global Head of Retail and Consumer Goods at Snowflake. “We are so excited to bring together the full power of the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud and the NIQ Connect platform, allowing global frictionless access to critical data through Snowflake data sharing.”

NIQ is dedicated to fostering innovation and enabling organizations to thrive in a data-driven world. The collaboration between NIQ and Snowflake represents a transformative step in the world of data sharing and will shape the future of data analytics. As organizations increasingly recognize the value of data in their operations, allowing them to exchange insights seamlessly and efficiently will empower them to unlock new opportunities and navigate the data landscape with ease.

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About NIQ

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