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Solidigm Introduces the P44 Pro – the World’s Premier Enthusiast Solid-State Drive (SSD)

 SAN JOSE, Calif. - Wednesday, 19. October 2022

Flagship client SSD built with PCIe 4.0 performance; blazing-fast speed and excellent power efficiency

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Solidigm has introduced the P44 Pro solid-state storage drive (SSD), a high-performance client SSD for today’s most demanding workloads. With blazing-fast speed and excellent power efficiency, the P44 Pro is the world’s premier SSD for enthusiasts.

The P44 Pro delivers spectacular PCIe Generation 4.0 performance, with up to 7,000 MB/s sequential read speeds. It provides a superb combination of speed and efficiency in Solidigm testing, meeting or exceeding published performance specifications while drawing just 5.3W. The P44 Pro is available in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.

Solidigm Synergy™ software works with the P44 Pro to optimize performance and “close the gap” between the host and storage device. The software enables users to view drive health reports and trigger useful manual functions. The software is free and available to download at

“Our flagship client SSD, the P44 Pro, is built with our cutting-edge NAND technology. Combined with our powerful software, it delivers the high performance users require in demanding applications. The P44 Pro is the most powerful client SSD Solidigm has launched to date and the premier enthusiast SSD on the market,” said Sanjay Talreja, General Manager, Client Storage Group. “This drive delivers quick launch and load, and the fast save desired by gaming enthusiasts and content creators. With excellent power efficiency, the P44 Pro minimizes throttling that can come from excessive power and heat – resulting in consistent peak performance.”

“MAINGEAR’s award-winning gaming desktops depend on fast storage to offer the best performance possible,” said Wallace Santos, MAINGEAR CEO and Founder. “Solidigm has taken that performance to the next level with the launch of the P44 Pro. Boasting the incredible speed and reliability required to deliver an amazing gaming experience, Solidigm SSDs are the first choice for our pre-configured desktops. MAINGEAR is proud to partner with a company with a proven track record in engineering world-class storage solutions, and we are excited to offer Solidigm SSDs across all of our products.”


Built for gaming on modern PCs

Launch, load, and get to the next level more quickly

Ideal for content creation on modern workstations

Quickly import assets, convert file types, launch design tools, and export projects

Designed for power and thermal efficiency

Optimized for power savings and thermal efficiency, delivering consistent performance with minimal throttling to game harder and longer without concerns about performance loss due to excessive power and heat

Enhanced endurance and reliability

High durability allows users to write more data and read it back with fewer errors over the life of the SSD, so users can write hundreds of GB to the drive every day over a five-year warranty period, enabling the P44 Pro to provide consistent high performance for the life of the drive

Compatible with Sony PS5*

The P44 Pro meets or exceeds Sony’s published specifications for the PS5

The P44 Pro will go on sale in late October with retail pricing as follows:

512GB: $79.99

1TB (1024GB): $129.99

2TB (2048GB): $234.99


Solidigm is a leading global provider of innovative NAND flash memory solutions. Solidigm technology unlocks data’s unlimited potential for customers, enabling them to fuel human advancement. Our origins reflect Intel’s longstanding innovation in memory products and SK hynix’s international leadership and scale in the semiconductor industry. Solidigm became a standalone U.S. subsidiary under SK hynix in December 2021. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Solidigm is powered by the inventiveness of more than 2,000 employees in 20 locations around the world. For more information about Solidigm, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @Solidigm and LinkedIn.


*Note: Reference to Sony or the Sony PS5 is not an indication of endorsement by Sony. Heatsink is required by Sony for use in PS5. SSD + heatsink bundles will be available for purchase at select retailers.

All products, computer systems, dates, and figures specified are preliminary based on current expectations and are subject to change without notice.

Differences in hardware, software, or configuration will affect actual performance.

Solidigm optimizations, for Solidigm compilers or other products, may not optimize to the same degree for non-Solidigm products.

Solidigm technologies may require enabled hardware, software, or service activation.

Nothing herein is intended to create any express or implied warranty.

The products described in this document may contain design defects or errors known as “errata,” which may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. Currently characterized errata are available on request.

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