Tuesday, October 18, 2022

DGC partners with Cisco to provide a cybersecurity solution package

 The partnership offers a unified cybersecurity solution with a subset of managed security services

DGC, the new global leader in cybersecurity with presence in Europe, the US and Abu Dhabi which earlier this month signed a partnership agreement with Venom Foundation, the first crypto foundation fully regulated in ADGM, expands its portfolio of strategic partnerships and announced today a strategic partnership with Cisco aimed at providing a turnkey cybersecurity solution.

The new cybersecurity package, which also includes a subset of managed security services, has been designed to provide much-needed data protection and risk detection capabilities capable of coping with emerging complex cyber threats in the region.

Based on the proprietary vulnerability scanner, cyberscan.io, and the state-of-the-art integration with hundreds of cyber-intelligence sources, DGC can provide Cisco with a unique foundation to strengthen the overall cybersecurity resilience of their customers and their customer's CRITIS-relevant actors in the public sector.

The strategy behind this collaboration focuses on four pillars:

Native integration of cyberscan.io customer data into the Cisco XDR platform SecureX. This enables customers to fully benefit from the detected vulnerabilities of their infrastructure components for threat-hunting tasks and automated security playbooks to protect their critical infrastructure automatically.

Incorporation of cyberscan.io and additional managed services into the global CISCO product portfolio. This will ensure that DGC Products are available to the worldwide Cisco client base and enable their salesforce to promote enhanced cybersecurity services.

Enhanced usage of cyberscan.io as a key source for Cisco Kenna products. This collaboration takes advantage of the industry-leading modern risk-based Vulnerability Management features of Kenna by using cyberscan.io as a Threat and Vulnerability Scanner to feed the Kenna engine with the immense amount of data and intelligence provided by DGC Cybersecurity expertise.

Provide operational support by DGC’s Cyber Defense Operation Center to Cisco customers, focusing on CRITIS-relevant actors (both private and public sector). Due to the enhanced operating capabilities of DGC-managed SOC services, customers on all levels and markets will benefit from 360° degree cybersecurity protection.

This wide array of combined collaborations will benefit customers' cybersecurity resilience and DGC & CISCO from enhanced visibility as leading cyber-security market actors.




Melwyn Abraham


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