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International live video social platform times its right with Expo 2020 to boost localized content

 Localized live video app to enrich local creator’s lives through fresh, innovative, enjoyable and profitable live social content

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.-Sunday 26 December 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

The largest independent global video social entertainment platform Uplive has unveiled its first-ever Television Commercial (TVC) for the Middle East region as part of its visual campaign strategy aimed at boosting localized content consumption and talent enrichment.

The 15-second TVC, which aired on Rotana, reaffirms Uplive’s commitment to providing locals with an array of live and fresh content from renowned MENA-based livestreamers including ​​Fionna (UID: fee1997), Ayosha UID: fv9eb8v0), Karine (UID: si6ed8n9), Larissa (UID: lar1234), Aline (UID: alouna123), and Ago (UID: bff0c8wp) among other emerging talents.

Tapping into its global platform synergy and global expansion strategy, Uplive, which has over 260 million registered users from over 150 countries, is positioning itself as the go-to live video platform for GCC-based livestreamers. As part of its strategy, Uplive will provide them with a unique platform to create, showcase and share their live content with local audiences.

On the other hand, its GCC audience will now enjoy an expanded bouquet of live social videos that are in line with their entertainment needs and preferences.

Speaking during the official unveiling of the TVC, Andy Tian, co-founder and CEO, Asia Innovations Group, said that the app’s objective is to not only provide localized entertainment for its local users, especially in the wake of the ongoing global health crisis but also provide a platform where users can enjoy healthy, fun content, a safe social and engagement space as well as nurture local talent.

“Uplive is thrilled to be unveiling its first-ever Pan-Arabic region TVC, which underscores our commitment to provide our local audience with a safe platform to enjoy local and international content from their favorite creators. MENA is an emerging hotspot for creativity and talent as more and more Arab youth are turning to digital platforms to showcase their talents. Apart from showcasing fresh content, Uplive will also enable local content creators to make meaningful income from the comfort of their home using their mobile phones,” said Andy.

Rich content

Uplive continues to help millions of content creators around the world by providing a platform that enables them to earn from their creations through gifts they receive via the app. Uplive has also been instrumental in helping creators launch new careers in the digital entertainment industry.

Recognizing the opportunity to serve the region's multi-cultural diaspora, Uplive has combined its internationally successful algorithms with local features to help regional content creators and users.

According to Andy, Uplive enables a more robust, equitable and effective creator economy by restoring the relationship and accountability between the creator and user. The ad-free live video platform also means that creators’ content does not get interrupted by advertisers, allowing consumers to enjoy diverse content, real-time social experience and flawless content.

“The gig economy is an important resource that needs to be supported through innovation. As the youth population continues to grow and the scarcity of jobs also continues to rise, we need to encourage the local youth to tap into their talents and use Uplive to market themselves to a global audience and in the process make a decent living out of it,” added Andy.

Localized features

Uplive, which also offers cross-language interaction making it more interactive and inclusive with over 140 languages and real-time speech-to-text translation, will also enable its local livestreamers to create and share localized content as well as personalized homepages for enhanced user experience.

The ​​fully localized version for the MENA region will offer premium content and a seamless user interface that strictly follows local customs. The localized app will also offer ​​voice chat rooms where users can socialize without appearing on the screen.

The platform, which has a vibrant streamer community of over 21 million livestreamers worldwide, will leverage a wide range of live social features including virtual gifting, video and voice social which allows up to nine users to stream together in a single window, an interactive game center, one-on-one video battles, and real-time translation.

Safest livestream platform

To proactively protect its users' interests, safety and ensure a healthy content environment, Uplive, which is among the safest livestream platforms in the industry, incorporates AI-based compliance practices to safeguard its users and their content from abuse. In conformity with the local customs and regulations, Uplive has also ensured that the platform's policies are aligned with local market legal and cultural standards.

Future Middle East plans

According to Andy, the MENA region remains a strategic growth frontier for the platform. Driven by the ballooning smartphone penetration in the region, Uplive is poised to experience a significant jump in subscriber numbers in 2022 from the region owing to its growing popularity and value proposition to content creators.

​​Uplive’s community of registered global users has experienced significant growth year-on-year surging by over 90%, from 121 million at the end of 2019 to 260 million users by September 2021. The platform has also registered record growth in streaming users, from 9.5 million streamers at the end of 2019 to 21 million in September 2021 representing a 98% increase.

“Uplive sees great growth potential in the MENA market due to the high mobile social needs and the growing penetration of mobile phones. We aim to become the most representative live streaming app in MENA, which is one of the most important markets in our long-term global strategy,” noted Andy.

About Asia Innovations Group

Asia Innovations Group (AIG) is a leading live social company with more than 470 million registered users located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. It has built a comprehensive and diverse portfolio as it seeks to achieve its mission of enriching people's lives worldwide through innovative and enjoyable live social products, which foster meaningful human connections. In addition to Uplive, which allows video social hosts to broadcast to the world, AIG owns Lamour, the top dating app in global emerging markets. It includes operations in thirteen offices around the globe that integrate local live social knowledge to foster individual market development and penetration. Focusing on major emerging markets, AIG leverages its track record of innovation, cutting-edge technology, a scalable global infrastructure, and global insights with local expertise to deliver user and shareholder value based on the most exciting growth opportunities in the live social marketplace.


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