Monday, December 13, 2021

EasyCash: An Interoperable ePayment Suite Powered by Wallet Factory Launched in Egypt

 CAIRO, Egypt-Monday 13 December 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- EasyCash, a revolutionary digital wallet solution for effortless online payments, has been recently soft-launched for iOS and Android users in Egypt.

EasyCash has become the first mobile payment application for Wallet Factory that was made to align with the Egyptian interoperability market standards for QR code-based digital payments and acceptance. Via seamless integration through Mastercard and Meeza, the nationwide payment network system, EasyCash enables users to make online payments and access funds wherever, whenever and however they choose.

The finance app launch has been made possible due to enormous efforts of forward-thinking investors and FinTech enthusiasts from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. That is, the Arabian Gulf Investments Company has acquired key stakes of EasyCash recently.

“Technology innovations usher in digital transformation and financial inclusion growth in the region,” said Hesham Omran, CTO of EasyCash. “The application encourages consumers and merchants in Egypt towards the adoption of digital payments.”

Wallet Factory is happy to be a software vendor for developing the EasyCash payment ecosystem. With expertise in implementing financial solutions in the region, Wallet Factory took responsibility for facilitating end-to-end product development. Along with the EasyCash team, the company carried out a compliance check, penetration testing, and third-party integration.

“Wallet Factory enables banks and mobile wallet operators with reliable eWallet solutions ensuring faster time-to-market rates,” said Michael Miro, CEO of Wallet Factory. “Speaking of EasyCash, the Wallet Factory team succeeded in delivering the full-fledged finance app that truly meets and exceeds the business and end user expectations.”

As of the launch date, EasyCash is released in three versions for mobile and web users.

Consumer app:

✔ QR code-based payments & Online cards

✔ Peer-to-Peer transfer requests

✔ Split-the-Bill and Shake-to-Pay options

Merchant app:

✔ Quick new merchant onboarding and registration

✔ In-Store payments for retail and other services

✔ QR code generation and Payment history

Web admin panel:

✔ Reporting tools for merchant & consumer wallets and operations

✔ User database and accounting models for business entities

✔ Settings for overdraft limits and commission fees

About Wallet Factory

A FinTech service provider for financial businesses that enables access to digital financial services based on the ”Wallet-As-A-Service” model.

About EasyCash

A technology platform that simplifies payment processes to streamline the transformation towards financial inclusion in Egypt.



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