Thursday, May 14, 2020 Was Born, a Group of High-quality Small and Medium-sized Italian Enterprises Unite to Show International Players New Business Opportunities

A new free platform lead by a pool of entrepreneurs inviting Italian companies to join and offer an added value to multinationals searching for excellences in the Italian territory

MILAN-Thursday 14 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A platform that supports Italian small and medium-sized enterprises to network and dialogue with big players, access large-scale international business opportunities together: this is the core idea of Sistema Italia, a project born from Uberto Canaccini’s idea, entrepreneur and CEO of CEG Elettronica, recently recognized by Forbes among the top 100 successful managers leading top businesses and multinationals. The objective of Sistema Italia, which is already at 1 billion euros, is to reach 3 billion euros in aggregate turnover.

There is strength in numbers

Sistema Italia addresses privates and SMBs, is made up of a group of entrepreneurs active abroad for a long time in sectors such as infrastructure, railway, fashion, Oil & Gas and renewable energies with contacts, relations and world market knowledge. The aim is to facilitate a rapid recovery and tackle national and international markets cohesively. The service is completely free.

From the point of view of foreign markets, large General Contractors, EPC Contractors, buyers and companies in the field of Food and Beverage will see in Sistema Italia a point of strength to invest in the Belpaese and find advantageous collaborations, and a unison of companies capable of generating value.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial experience, over the past twenty years Uberto Canaccini has made CEG Elettronica Industriale an industrial reference point in the global market with 80% of the turnover achieved abroad and a strong internationalization towards markets such as Kazakhstan, South Korea, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

“Sistema Italia represents an opportunity for foreign companies and operators to return to focus on our Country", Uberto Canaccini comments. "We are ready to face the international market all together, to show the entrepreneurial and creative vein that characterizes us" he adds.

Privates and companies, by signing up, will find analyzes and insights on decrees and procedures to be activated to be compliant with legal obligations when resuming production activities. The companies will have strategic commercial support to create the necessary synergies to be accredited and to win global tenders and orders in the various foreign markets.


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