Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trueman Man Clinic Achieves 10000 Surgery Milestone with Its SWITCH Operation

Trueman Man Clinic Achieves 10000 Surgery Milestone with Its SWITCH Operation-Tuesday 26 March 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Trueman Man Clinic Network announced that the 10,000th surgery utilizing its SWITCH Premature Ejaculation Surgery (Nerve Conservation), has been successfully completed.
The Trueman Man Clinic Network is the leading hospitals for male enhancement surgeries in Korea consists of 11 clinics, with 16 doctors working. As of 2019, more than 43,000 man clinic surgeries have been performed.

The SWITCH Premature Ejaculation Surgery (SWITCH operation) developed in 2010 by Dr. Yang, the chief director of the Trueman Man Clinic Network, can reduce the side effects of penile neurectomy and maintain the stable reduction of the glans sensation.

The operation can restore the glans sensation if the patient had desired to turn the nerve SWITCH on again after surgery, so that there is no need to worry about the side effects like delayed orgasm or erectile dysfunction caused by excessive glans sensation after the operation.

The Trueman Man Clinic Network has been performed on 10,000 patients so far. In about 98% of patients who underwent surgery, a significant decrease in glans sensation was obtained and treatment of premature ejaculation was achieved. The senses were confirmed to persist consistently over the years.

In about 2% of patients who underwent SWITCH operation, wanted to restore the glans sensation due to delayed ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. All of them underwent simple restoration surgery and the glans sensation was restored to more than 80% of the preoperative sensory level.

SWITCH operation is performed through a 1 cm incision under local anesthesia at the base of the penis. The operation time is about 10 minutes, and it is possible to have a shower from the next day after surgery. Dr. Yang explains that the surgery is very simple and safe, and it is a very innovative way of treating premature ejaculation because it can be solved even if side effects occur.

In general, doctors have negative insight due to the side effects and high recurrence rate in the penile neurectomy. However, the SWITCH operation has solved these side effects and lowered the recurrence rate. If medical therapy is not feasible or effective, then the 'SWITCH' operation can be a good option for premature ejaculation. For more information, please visit http://trueman-global.com/Manclinic/ or call +82-10-4918-4228.
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