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Devtech Launches Marketplace Enablement to Help ISVs Accelerate Go-to-Market

LONDON -Saturday 23 February 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Devtech, a global leader in Cloud enablement, announces a launch of a subscription-based solution offering – Marketplace Enablement – with the aim to help ISVs accelerate their go-to-market and revenue growth through cloud marketplaces.

“As the sale of software had moved online, many of the 100,000+ ISVs globally continue to struggle with executing a successful channel strategy as a means of accelerating their growth and market reach. Cloud marketplaces such as Azure, AWS, Salesforce, ServiceNow, CloudBlue, AppDirect and many others, some of which are operated by the world’s largest telecoms and Cloud Service Providers, offer ISVs a way of reaching a growing pool of end-users. There are certain complexities ISVs often face while in the channel enablement process. Just identifying the “right” ecosystems for their product eats out an important portion of time-to-market for an ISV, let alone attempting to manage the entire channel lifecycle. Our solution greatly resolves those challenges for the ISVs,” said Milovan Milic, CEO of Devtech.

Devtech has worked with hundreds of ISVs globally, helping them get integrated into any number of different cloud marketplaces. Their team came to the realization that a high percentage of those ISVs would still require more guidance along the way to make their channel strategy truly successful, beyond a high-quality technical solution developed by Devtech. It became clear ISVs need a lot more help on top of the technical integration. There are plenty of steps which need executing to ensure traction in the channel: adequate market research and analysis, understanding ecosystems where the ISV’s solution can be complimentary to other services, technical design and enablement, internal sales team enablement, partner enablement, continuous maintenance and new feature development. These are only some of the different activities provided through Devtech’s Marketplace Enablement.

“The reason for introducing Marketplace Enablement as a subscription-based solution is that ISVs require a great deal of flexibility in order to respond faster to change. This way, they have continuous access to the wealth of our knowledge, experience, tools, materials and resources. At the end of the day, we believe our Marketplace Enablement solution will help ISVs focus on what really matters – their core product – while still making the channel a success by being agile and working with Devtech as their technology partner,” said Milic.

About Devtech

We aim to accelerate growth of our customers, team members and our community. We are curious and we continuously learn. Using our knowledge, our experience and passion for technology, we strive to provide extraordinary cloud enablement services that our customers love.

Founded in 2012, and with customers in over 20 countries and across 5 continents, Devtech continues to solve complex business challenges by delivering high-quality service in the cloud.

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