Sunday, March 18, 2018

USEK University is the first Lebanese university to adopt Cambridge English Qualifications

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Sunday, March 18th 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

Students at Lebanon’s Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) will now be able to gain prestigious Cambridge English certificates, thanks to a new agreement. USEK is the first Lebanese university to formally recognise Cambridge English Qualifications.

The Language Center at the Faculty of letters at Holy Spirit University-Kaslik (USEK) between the University and Cambridge Assessment English, a not-for-profit department of the University of Cambridge. Students will be encouraged to prepare for Cambridge English’s C1 Advanced exam, a high level qualification which is recognised by universities, employers and government bodies in the United Kingdom, Australia and other English-speaking countries.

Dr. Rania Salama, Director of the Center for International Relations at the Faculty of Arts, said: " This agreement is one of our initiatives to involve students in the learning process and provide them with the best tools and knowledge they need to meet today's world. We are partnering with Cambridge Assessment English as it is the leader in the English qualifications field with more than 5 million people taking its exams every year.  The qualifications will allow our students and teachers to prove their skills and will also allow us to validate our education methodology, which will, in turn, reflect positively on enhancing students' employability and their involvement in the workplace. "

Ramiz Haddadin from Cambridge Assessment English explains that 'successfully passing the C1 Advanced exam indicates that the student has achieved high standards in English for listening, speaking, reading and writing and can use the English language in different contexts.'

Haddadin added: 'Reliable English language exams are more important than ever to individuals and institutions. Cambridge English Qualifications don’t just show how much English you know – they prove that you can use the language to communicate in the real world. This can have huge benefits for individuals looking to further their studies and careers, as well as institutions wanting to ensure they are attracting candidates with the right levels of English language skills'.

Cambridge Assessment English is a department of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge English exams are taken by more than five million people a year, in over 130 countries. They are recognised by over over 20,000 universities, employers, and governments around the world, a number which is rapidly increasing.

The number of business schools recognising Cambridge English Qualifications is also growing steadily. Business schools accepting Cambridge Assessment English exams include University of Warwick, ESC Montpellier and the Toulouse School of Management – TSM in France; ISG Business & Economics School – Portugal; the University of Business in Wrocław, Poland; University of Eastern Finland – Business School; and VIA School of Business, Technology & Creative Industries, in addition to the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique (EP) in France.


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