Thursday, August 24, 2017

NMC Health to Operate and Manage Emirates Healthcare Assets

 Revenues from O&M contracts to exceed AED 70 million

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Thursday, August 24th 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

Emirates Healthcare, a leading healthcare provider owned by Abu Dhabi investment group KBBO, has announced signing an operating and management contract with NMC Health, the leading integrated healthcare provider operating across the United Arab Emirates, for the management of Emirates Healthcare assets.

Yazen Abu Gulal, CEO of KBBO Group and Emirates Hospital Chairman commented, “We are particularly pleased to have NMC Health, a prestigious and recognised brand, handle the operations and management of Emirates Healthcare’s assets. Our expansion strategy and vision is to provide the highest level of care for our customers and the expertise of NMC Health in operations and management has made them an ideal partner to provide a world-class experience.”

Emirates Healthcare assets that fall under this agreement include recognisable brands such as CosmeSurge, which provides cosmetic medical services in the UAE and the UK, as well as Emirates Hospitals and Clinics which provide medical services across six emirates in the UAE. It also includes Emirates Rehab and Homecare Services, a division that provides home nursing, rehabilitation, therapeutic care and home-based care with a presence in the UAE, Slovakia and Oman.

“Top international bodies responsible for regulating and governing healthcare provided positive feedback on NMC Health’s track record in all aspects of managing the operations of major medical institutions. The phenomenal reputation of NMC Health informed our decision to sign over the management of Emirates Hospitals and Clinics, CosmeSurge and Emirates Rehab & Homecare Services. With this signing, we look forward to the future of these assets with great anticipation,” added Abu Gulal.

CEO of NMC Health, Prasanth Manghat, stated, “The brands under Emirates Healthcare are among the most well-known in this market, and NMC Health is delighted to help bolster that reputation by streamlining their operations. We take great pride in the signing of this contract as it signifies NMC Health is rightfully recognised as a leader in the healthcare industry for its innovative management solutions and outstanding customer service. We look forward to working with Emirates

Healthcare to help them achieve the vision of their management team and that of KBBO Group, setting the standard for the entire healthcare industry within the UAE.”

NMC Health is now managing multiple private and public sector healthcare facilities across varied geographies, with total annual revenues from O&M verticals set to reach USD $19m.


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Farah Al Obaidi, Head of Media Relations


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