Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Arabia CSR Networks Certified Training on Fundamentals of CSR and Sustainability

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, October 26th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

Arabia CSR Network will conduct a certified training on fundamentals of CSR and Sustainability on 6th – 9th November, 2016 in Dubai. This essential training which is the first of a series of certified trainings, guarantees to equip a wide range of participants that are looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of CSR and Sustainability including CSR team member tasked with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities, as well as consultants, freelancers and researchers with organizational knowledge about how best to develop an effective CSR and Sustainability practice.

The objective of this training is to understand how CSR can contribute strategically to an organization’s comprehensive performance and learn more about opportunities and benefits that CSR presents by scoping out what corporate responsibility means for their company. The course has been designed to offer pedagogical content and real world examples using a combination of lecture, discussion and exercise.

What distinguishes this training from the rest is that the participants have the opportunity to get a certificate of attainment upon undergoing an assessment exercise at the end of the training. The certification will testify to the participant’s attainment of knowledge based on the training module.

Being a regionally rooted organization, The Arabia CSR Network has acquired an in-depth understanding of the benefits and challenges faced by organizations in their efforts to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility within the region’s unique limitations and possibilities. In that light, the network has planned a series of one of kind certified training courses that would build the capacity of organizations and businesses in the region. Fundamentals of CSR and Sustainability is the first  level,  followed by Certified Course on CSR Advanced (level 2) and Certified course on CSR strategy and leadership as well as other training workshops such as training on Budgeting and Implementation of CSR, Social impact assessment workshop and Certified training on sustainability reporting using the Global reporting initiative (GRI) Framework.

About the Arabia CSR Network

The Arabia CSR Network is a Professional Organization established in the UAE in 2004. It is devoted to advancing the Principles and Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Arab region.  It is a multi-stakeholder platform to network, learn and share experiences and knowledge in matters of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Arabia CSR Network was the first GRI certified training partner for the Arabic speaking Middle East countries. The Arabia CSR Network promotes, encourages and recognizes responsible business practices through a bunch of services and offerings including trainings, research and best practice, advisory service, third party assurance and a Pan-Arab acclaimed award initiative known as the Arabia CSR Awards. For more information, please visit For further enquiries please email us at


Marietou Seck, +9714-344-8120


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