Monday, February 22, 2016

ITWORX Education Launches Mavericks, a One-of-a-kind Blended Learning School in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt. - Tuesday, February 16th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

In the framework of realizing its overarching mission to empower knowledge-based economies around the world, non-traditional educational initiatives forerunner ITWORX Education, a Cairo-based ITWORX division backed by the EuroMena Fund, in collaboration with other entities has recently launched “Mavericks”; a new blended learning school in Cairo, aimed at providing affordable world-class education.

Through the blended learning model, ITWORX Education is leveraging technology to tackle several challenges at once: high prices of quality education, inconsistency of curriculums and academic standards, limited access and availability to learning, and employability, among many others, and hopes to see it scale to other markets facing these and similar challenges.

As such, the model sits on a four-fold value proposition: versatility of content delivery types and instruction modes – online, digital and face-to-face – continuous assessment using data analytics and reports; customized, self-paced learning using advanced software; and multi-location learning access – in class, from home and off campus.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Hatem Sallam, CEO of ITWORX Education, said:

“In our quest to provide underserved areas the world over with affordable technology-centered world-class education, the blended learning model is the right step forward, and is a natural extension of our vision and mission to transform education through technology. Under its strategic mission of creating virtual schools, ITWORX Education is proud to present its latest project, the new blended learning school ‘Mavericks’ in Cairo”.

Sallam added: “With the launch of this innovative school, we are breaking barriers of access, connectivity and infrastructure as well as creating a wealth of opportunities that when scaled and cross-leveraged on a global level, can truly maximize the potential and impact of knowledge-based economies”.

Having capped the year 2015 with a slew of groundbreaking solutions, programs and successful initiatives, ITWORX Education has vowed to bring more transformative changes in the education landscape through technology in 2016 and well into the future.

Mavericks is scheduled to open in the 2016-2017 academic year and is accepting students from KG to year 4.

“While ITWORX Education’s projects are multi-faceted in scale, scope and segment, they fall under a wider vision to provide equal opportunity to quality education for learners across the globe. The blended learning school initiative in Cairo is one of many projects in this direction, providing modern and interactive learning and educational experiences to those with limited resources and access. With this project, we’re breaking affordability and income disparity barriers to education with the sheer power of technology and innovation. We’re looking forward to see this model bear fruit and lead by example for other markets,” said Seif Abozaid, COO at Mavericks.

During the 2016 edition of BETT, EMEA’s leading Ed-tech exhibition and conference, held in London from January 20-23, ITWORX Education highlighted the use of the blended learning model in its newest Cairo-based project in a session titled “World Class Education Made Affordable”; a deep dive discussion into how non-traditional learning models can break down the barriers of traditional schooling and extend the reach of education to those who need it.

The panel discussion featured Mavericks COO Seif Abozaid, and Ahmed Saeed, ITWORX Education Business Development Director, who talked about the company’s recent work with Syrian refugees and the power of converging digital technology with disruptive innovation in the education space. During the panel discussion, Marc Chabaan, MS MEA Education Lead, also spoke about ITWORX Education’s Global Alliance with Microsoft which offers EduShare, ITWORX Education’s content management system, for free to education districts on Microsoft Office 365.

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