Wednesday, February 24, 2016

InFo Instant Focus© – A Revolution in Natural Lens Surgery for Cataract

NEUCHATEL, Switzerland - Monday, February 22nd 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The company Swiss Advanced Vision (SAV-IOL SA - announced the launch of a product without competition in the medical field. The intraocular lens (IOL) InFo Instant Focus© indicated for the treatment of cataract, after removal of the crystalline lens, gives back a perfect vision, just like when the patient was 20 year-olds.

Before InFo was developed, two outcomes of cataract surgery posed a constant challenge to ophthalmology: correction of presbyopia – improvement of near vision – and resolution capacity – distinct image perception. Moreover, all available solutions to this day require several weeks before the brain adapts to the natural lens substitute. On top of that, multifocal or polyfocal lenses usually create ghost images and halos.

InFo is the first implant able to correct optical capacity without interfering with resolution, instantly. InFo borrows its unique use of a single light field of constant intensity from optical physics. Perfectly distinct images are projected onto the retina, whatever the circumstances are. The brain is not confused by the multiplication of focal points.

As a result, the functions of focus, optimal resolution and distance adaptation are restored. InFo allows perfect vision, whatever the distance of objects and light conditions are, with no halos or ghost images. “For patients, it's life in real time again” says Max Boysset, CEO. “The brain loves it: patients adapt to InFo almost instantly. Our mission is to restore their original vision after the surgery of cataract through a unique solution, without compromise on image quality or resolution”.

From a purely result-driven perspective, if patients were ophthalmologists, they would choose InFo: its unique operational principle situates this implant within a brand new category of IOLs for cataract surgery, with no compromise on the quality of vision for the patient.

About SAV-IOL SA: Swiss company located in the French speaking part of Switzerland, with team experts in manufacturing, quality, engineering and R&D. BSI certification MD 615363 - more

About InFo Instant Focus©: Intraocular lens 15D to 24D, by step of 0.5D. BSI CE certification CE 615365, brochure , Instruction for Use - more



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