Wednesday, July 15, 2015

City of Salo: More than 1000 highly skilled professionals available as Microsoft shuts down its mobile device R&D center in Salo, Finland

SALO, Finland - Tuesday, July 14th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Microsoft announced on Wednesday plans to cut 2300 jobs in Finland and to shut down its mobile device R&D center in Salo – once considered the world epicenter of mobile phone R&D and manufacturing. The decision is a major turning point for the city which has lived and breathed along the century old history of wireless communication development. In Salo there has been development and production of wireless devices from radios to TV sets and further to Nokia mobile phones and Microsoft smart devices.

City of Salo has contacted Finnish government and Microsoft to ensure that resources are available for re-employment of Microsoft professionals. The government has promised to help Salo and the people who will be unemployed. Prime Minister of Finland has visited Salo to show his concern and support. Also Microsoft have planned to launch support program. City of Salo will have an active role in finding new possibilities.

- There will be arrangements for further education, entrepreneurship, and re-employment. There are well-functioning and experienced R&D teams ready to be employed straight by any company, assures Mr. Antti Rantakokko, Mayor of the City of Salo.

The world class mobile phone R&D talent in Salo with unique know-how in areas such as product conceptualization, HW and SW design, mechanics design, integration and testing, project management, production and IT systems design could be leveraged in several different industries, for example in consumer electronics, smart traffic and automotive industry, health technology, Internet of things or in the digitalization of more traditional industries such as machinery industry or maritime ICT. This know-how will surely raise global interest.

- We have experience in discussing with major global companies. We offer praised location services for companies interested in establishing their business Salo, says Mayor Rantakokko.

The location service includes help and advice in finding location, personnel, clients, business networks, funding, and necessary contacts in Salo. The service is free of charge.

- Even though the news are severe, I am confident that the long history of wireless communication business in Salo has a bright future. There will be new companies which will find much needed expertise in Salo and create new success in Salo, welcomes Mayor Rantakokko.


City of Salo

Mr Antti Rantakokko, Mayor



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