Thursday, October 30, 2014

Western Region Police Arrest a Seven-Member Asian Gang

For Stolen Amount of Gold Jewelry From Woman

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Monday, October 27th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

The precision of the investigation conducted by the officers of the Western Region Police Directorate led to the arrest of an Asian gang for robbing a sum of money from a woman of Asian nationality. The gang, who had additionally stolen mobile phones and gold jewelry - among other things - fled the residence with the stolen goods and possessions, and the case was referred to the concerned authorities.

Colonel Ojeil Ali Abdullah Al Junaibi, Director of the Western Region Police Directorate, noted that the gang’s confessions to stealing from the woman and the subsequent arrest and end to their criminal activity was due to the rapid intervention and response of the officers and to their precision in collecting information.  “We respond and combat crime in various ways, and the awareness among citizens and residents of these dangers enhance the police’s efforts in this regard,” he said.

In detail, Colonel Al Junaibi reported that the arrested gang of seven-members was found wearing face masks in a white Toyota Innova. The gang was in possession of knives of different sizes, a large bat, two pieces of iron, black plastic chains, cash of different currencies, five iPhones, four Blackberry phones, three Samsung Galaxy phones, one iPad Mini, a wireless device, a Nokia phone, watches, rings, and necklaces of silver and gold.

He indicated that suspects of Asian nationality were: “L. H. W.”,” S. J. W.”, “H. W. W.”, “Sh. K.”, “W. T. Gh. W.”, “W. Gh. W.”, and “J. W. J.”.  He said, “During questioning, the suspects confessed to the robberies. The first suspect confessed that he had taken the car and transported the second through sixth suspects at 2 a.m. to the place where the robbery occurred in Ghayathi. He then took them to their place of residence in Barakah. The second, third, and fourth suspects confessed to easily entering and robbing the victim’s house of its contents in possession of a white weapon ‘knife’, and one of them wore a face mask. According to their confessions, they handed over the stolen goods to the first suspect in their place of residence.”

“The fifth and sixth suspects declared that they entered the victim's home after their partners managed to chain her, the seventh suspect guided the other gang members to reach the victim’s house. According to the seventh suspect’s statement, he said that he is the one who obtained the tourism visas for five of the suspects,” Colonel Al Junaibi said.

The group accused of forced robbery consists of seven persons of Asian nationality who have formed a gang. Five of its members have entered an Asian woman’s house by force, who then informed the police that the thieves had broken her bedroom door and had stolen an amount of money, gold jewelry, and a number of other phones.

The victim reported that the gang told her that they would not return the stolen goods unless she provided them with AED 20,000 within a period of 15 days. All communication would be via a phone number allocated by the gang members for this purpose.

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