Thursday, October 23, 2014

MIRAGE 2.0: Introducing Group Messaging to Enhance the Real-Time Communication Experience

MIRAGE by Mobli introduces version 2.0 of its ephemeral instant messaging app with groups and multiple languages.

TEL AVIV - Tuesday, October 21st 2014 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mobli Media ( has announced MIRAGE 2.0, an updated version of its ephemeral instant messaging app.

MIRAGE ( was launched by Mobli in July 2014. The stand-alone app is an instant messaging platform that enables users to send and receive messages that disappear after a few seconds. The app’s interface is based on a one-tap principle. As soon as the user opens the app, all of his contacts are immediately available. Even if a contact does not have the app installed, he can receive the message from a link via SMS.

The new version provides two key ways to share an image with several contacts at once:

    Groups – You can create a group and start a disappearing conversation with a few of your contacts in one group.
    Broadcast - You can share an image with several contacts at once, without organizing a shared group.

These new features make it easier to send messages to several people at once, while emulating real-life communication with key ephemeral one-tap messaging.

“The new groups and broadcast features bring a wider experience to MIRAGE users,” said Mobli CEO Moshe Hogeg. “We extended the form of communication, which lets classmates, family, colleagues or any group members share a one-time experience together. MIRAGE now captures in an even more precise way the essence of human interaction.”

The new version features multiple additional enhancements including:

Contact list editing - Drag and drop your contacts to rearrange your home screen

Inbox - Tap and hold your inbox to see the MIRAGEs you’ve received; you can view them in any order you’d like

Search Bar – A new search bar on the app’s home screen

Localization - MIRAGE now supports 22 languages

About mobli:

mobli provides a richer and smarter way to capture and share photos and videos with friends and the world, while featuring unparalleled visual effects. On mobli, users can follow and engage with individuals as well as communities based on interests and locations. mobli’s vision is to connect people across the globe so users can experience the world through other people’s eyes.


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