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World Smart Energy Week - Now a Biannual Show

TOKYO - Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 [ME NewsWire]




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(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Reed Exhibitions Japan will be launching 3 new shows "PV EXPO OSAKA 2013", "PV SYSTEM EXPO OSAKA 2013" and "1st SMART COMMUNITY EXPO OSAKA" this fall as part of the family of World Smart Energy Week shows.

The 3 shows will be held separately from the annually held World Smart Energy Week (in Tokyo) and will take place in Osaka (Western Japan) from October 2-4, thus making World Smart Energy Week a biannual show.

The transition from an annual to a biannual show will provide a wider window of opportunity and add flexibility for existing participants and new potential exhibitors/visitors who are interested in getting involved in the Japanese/Asian-Pacific market.

Reasons for the launch:

Western Japan is one of the regions in Japan which is strongly devoted to smart/renewable energy. A number of projects are taking place and many major firms of the industry and factories are based in the region, making it a very attractive place to conduct business.

Despite its potential, there are no major smart/renewable energy related trade shows in western Japan, so launching World Smart Energy Week in Osaka is sure to beneficial for many industry professionals. Show Management had carried out a questionnaire regarding the launch of the Osaka show and many existing exhibitors of World Smart Energy Week had requested for a show in the Western area of Japan as many of their customers are based there.

What to expect:

With its history and established reputation to be the gateway into the Japanese/Asian-Pacific market, the Tokyo show will initially be bigger, and gather professionals from various countries/regions, but the Osaka show will be ideal to expand and explore new business opportunities especially in Western Japan.

Due to the market conditions and the requests from existing exhibitors of World Smart Energy Week, the Osaka show will start with two major areas (PV and smart community), but Show Management is looking to expand the show. For instance, an option would be to increase the range of energy sectors involved in SMART COMMUNITY EXPO such as wind energy, fuel cells, rechargeable battery etc.

Overall the show is expected to attract 300 exhibitors and 20,000* potential visitors. (*including all concurrent shows) from all over Japan, Asia and the World.


Post-Show Report: World Smart Energy Week 2013 >

What is World Smart Energy Week:

A group of the world's leading B-to-B trade show covering a wide range of smart/renewable energy. It is the biggest show of its kind in Japan.

From power generation, energy storage, energy distribution to smart/renewable energy related applications and technologies…the show will offer infinite business opportunities, solutions and connections with industry professionals from all over Japan and the world.

Due to the growing reputation and fortunate market conditions, World Smart Energy Week has been consecutively successful over the years. Both exhibitors and visitors have been earning results and consider the show as the best business platform.

(Reference: Post Show Report 2013

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