Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Prospective Raises $6M Seed to Access, Analyze and Visualize Large Datasets in Real Time


(BUSINESS WIRE)--Prospective, an interactive analytics and data visualization tool for large and streaming datasets, announced today that it raised $6M. The Seed round was led by Point72 Ventures with participation from Silicon Badia, Irregular Expressions, Essence Ventures, Giant Machines, and REFASHIOND Ventures.

Traditionally, organizations have struggled to efficiently access and analyze the data necessary for their use cases due to limitations in readily accessible processing power and difficulty in publishing insights. Recognizing this pain point, Prospective has built an interactive tool to facilitate seamless data access, analysis and sharing. With Prospective, users gain intuitive and efficient access to both large and streaming datasets, enabling them to unlock valuable insights in real-time, directly through a user-friendly web browser interface.

Prospective is tailored to handle tasks that demand high-performance, precision and granularity. By streamlining the data retrieval and operationalization processes, Prospective empowers builders, consumers, and analysts to derive actionable insights that were previously inaccessible. With the rise of Large Language Models (LLMs), the gap between model outputs and human understanding is widening. Prospective helps bridge this gap by enabling customers to derive and convey insights in an intuitive way.

Prospective was founded by Andrew Stein and Eric Schmalzbauer and is the Enterprise version of the popular open-source data and analytics project Perspective. Parallel to announcing their Seed funding round, Prospective is also launching a private beta for a limited number of firms. Interested teams can join the wait list at https://prospective.co/.

“Across both technology and business, accessing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data is overly complex, time consuming and costly – both within an organization, as well as with external partners and clients,” says Prospective’s CEO and co-founder, Eric Schmalzbauer. “The evolution toward real time data access whether for customer retention, observability, or transaction analysis is a challenge across all types of teams and enterprises.”

“We see an exciting new space bridging the widening gap between the enterprise data stack and the visualization tools that unlock value and insights. Firms are generating more and more dimensions of data, including streaming & real-time, but non-technical users and data scientists oftentimes don’t have the tools to take advantage of said data,” said Noah Carr, Partner at Point72 Ventures. “We believe the team behind Prospective has deep experience in both the data and infrastructure spaces, and we see an opportunity to build on the success of the strong open source community of Perspective.”

About Prospective:

Prospective seeks to eliminate the friction between data and decisions. We allow builders, consumers, and analysts of large and streaming datasets to deliver and act on insights without the need to understand its complexity. Prospective enables the data curious to turn data into pixels wherever data lives.


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