Tuesday, February 28, 2023

BringCom Welcomes New Managing Director for DataNet, Uganda

 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- BringCom Incorporated, a leading provider of connectivity solutions in Africa, would like to welcome Evode Rusagara, as the new Managing Director of DataNet. Rusagara brings a wealth of telecommunications, financial services, FINTECH and managerial experience to the company having worked previously as Managing Director in multiple East African countries, including Uganda and Tanzania. As part of the strategic acquisition plan by BringCom, DataNet has expanded its service coverage beyond Uganda and has entered new markets in East and West Africa. Rusagara will drive the execution of the DataNet strategy as well as launch additional services in the region such as edge cloud services, SD-WAN, security, and colocation. BringCom looks forward to positioning DataNet as a competitive communication solutions provider in the region.

About BringCom (www.bringcom.com)

BringCom Incorporated, headquartered in Sterling, VA, USA is a leading Communications Solutions Provider operating in Africa who has been offering high-quality international and last-mile connectivity solutions since 1992 to international enterprise and government customers located in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. BringCom’s agile and reliable end-to-end communications lifecycle is dependent on its core capabilities: Cloud and Connectivity Solutions, Project Management, Supplier Management, Africa Risk Management and Customer Experience.

About DataNet (www.DataNet.ug)

DataNet is at the forefront of the East Africa regional telecommunications industry expanding its MEF CE 2.0 certified network and bringing new corporate services to the market, earning the reputation for providing reliable business-grade networking services to clients who run critical business applications throughout East Africa.

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