Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Increasing Consumer Demand for Social Shopping Experiences

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, 31. August 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted massive growth of the e-commerce market, allowing consumers to purchase both basic needs and luxury items from the comfort and safety of home. As the world transitions from the pandemic, a return to the pre-pandemic in-person shopping trends is imminent.


A consumer behaviour shift is already underway with shoppers seeking more social, experience-based setups - an uptick in shopping complexes that serve as both outlets for purchasing and opportunities to socialise with friends and families is already being noted.


DJM Capital, California's leading Investor-Manager Real Estate Group with two billion-dollar assets under management, has already used this novel concept in its recent real estate acquisitions.


D. John Miller, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DJM Capital, says, "Multiple years of experience and intensive market research indicate that people use E-commerce to purchase 'things', whether that be everyday essentials or luxury items. E-commerce is a great marketing strategy and tool; however, it fails to consider human nature - the need for social activity with friends, family, and other loved ones. What you can't get with E-commerce is the full sensory experience of sitting in a wonderful place with loved ones, for example, and being stimulated through touch, smell, entertainment, music, and food. There's a dire need for shopping complexes that allow consumers to enjoy a more holistic experience comfortably."


He continues, "Our customer is essentially people - you and me. We're the ones who go out, shop, dine, and socialise for entertainment, and ideally, one wishes to do those things in a place that makes them want to embrace life in a very positive way. What we've created are distinct properties in upscale localities all over the beautiful state of sunny California that are, in a nutshell, all-inclusive sensory experiences. This includes state-of-the-art shopping complexes surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, lush gardens, walkability and a strong pedestrian culture, and multiple outlets for entertainment for all age groups, as well as fine dining."


The company prioritises keeping up with changing trends in the retail sector and is quick to adapt and modify its strategy to changing landscapes. Built on the pillars of quality, integrity, and long-term investor relationships, DJM offers communities aesthetic, curated properties in line with a modern and luxurious lifestyle.




Mohammed Al Barazenjey


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