Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Intelly Launches an Innovative Real Estate Investment Platform on 20 July 2022

GENEVA - Tuesday, 19. July 2022

Ismet Tasceken, CEO of fintech company Intelly, has launched their new, much-anticipated investment platform that uses blockchain-based tokenization technology to make property investing accessible to everyone.

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Blockchain fintech company Intelly is launching a fractional NFT (F-NFT) real estate investment platform on July 20th. Investors will be given access to property investments worldwide using Intelly’s INTL token to purchase fractional real estate assets on its decentralized real estate investment platform. Intelly has successfully completed its initial coin offering at the beginning of 2022 and established the Intelly Exchange - a liquid real estate market in which investors can trade F-NFTs priced by market participants based on the underlying asset’s profitability. The exchange will list projects from the residential, commercial, and enterprise sectors like a branded beach club or restaurant, which are tokenized via F-NFT’s, allowing investors to switch between investments in a matter of seconds, depending on their risk appetite.

Transforming real estate investments using blockchain technology

Intelly CEO Ismet Tasceken commented, “Switzerland’s outstanding business environment provides stability and predictability essential for fintechs who are active in transforming assets like real estate using blockchain technology. Even though the real estate sector is now worth over 3.7 trillion dollars, the industry suffers from inefficiencies that have plagued it for decades. We plan to leverage our 30+ years of experience, industry connections, and the power of blockchain to unlock the potential of a new era of real estate investing.”

Tokenization market expected to top USD 9.2 billion by 2030

Investing in real estate is profitable in the long term but requires a significant initial down payment, which could be a barrier to entry for many investors. Intelly’s F-NFT platform eliminates many steps needed to participate in property investing. Intelly’s single ecosystem bridges the physical world with the virtual world, joining the fast-growing tokenization market, which is expected to reach US$ 9.2 billion by 2030. Noting that the platform will begin trading on July 20, Tasceken said, “What sets Intelly apart from its competitors is the excellence of its proprietary technology combined with the depth of its industry penetration. This, combined with our financial strength, experience, and vision, will ensure that we create profitable opportunities for our clients through tokenizing property investments.”




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