Friday, June 17, 2022

B2Core to Integrate With Shufti Pro’s KYC Solution

 CYPRUS, Limassol-Friday 17 June 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- B2Broker, a leading provider of white-label solutions for the forex and cryptocurrency industry, is excited to announce B2Core integration with Shufti Pro, a leading AI-powered identity verification service. By partnering with this company, we will simplify and streamline the process of verifying the identities of our clients' end users. Through Shufti Pro's advanced user onboarding technology, we are able to ensure our clients' security. Protect yourself and your company with B2Core and Shufti Pro!

Shufti Pro is the leading provider of KYC verification services. With Shufti Pro, customers can quickly and easily verify their identity by simply opening the verification tab inside their profile settings and submitting an ID document such as a passport, driver's license, and a selfie. The Shufti Pro's proprietary technology verifies a customer's identity in real-time within seconds, resulting in a reduced incidence of fraudulent activity and an improved customer experience.

What is Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is a SaaS provider offering KYC services that automate the process of verifying user identities. With its flexible API, the service can integrate into all kinds of existing systems, making it a convenient solution for businesses of all sizes. In addition, the KYC provider offers clients multi-layered risk protection against digital identity fraud, money laundering, and terrorism funding. By utilizing this service, businesses can improve their security posture, and their customers can reduce the likelihood of becoming victims of these crimes.

The company's cutting-edge technology allows users to verify their identities in less than 30 seconds, with support for over 150 languages and 230 countries and territories. In addition, Shufti Pro's AML screening capabilities help businesses comply with anti-money laundering regulations by screening against over 1700 watchlists.

Unlike other companies in the industry, Shufti Pro offers both SaaS and on-premises solutions. Its products are used by some of the world's largest payment gateways and banks.


The B2Broker team is always striving to improve the customer experience, and our new KYC service is a great example of this commitment. This tool streamlines the onboarding process to make your life easier. We highly encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this new service, which comes with many benefits. We're confident that you'll find it helpful in your dealings. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our new KYC service.

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