Sunday, March 21, 2021

High demand brings European Organic Super Juices to Dubai!

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 21 March 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

A tasting campaign has been announced tasting by the EU campaign “European Organic Juices” which will take place on March-April 2021, in Dubai. The tastings are set to take place at various Hypermarkets and Supermarkets in the city of Dubai.

Consumers will have the opportunity to directly sample the Organic Juices and form their personal opinion on the comparative advantages. They will also get to know their particular inherent characteristics (flavor, aroma, texture) and their high quality and nutritional value.

The “European Organic Juice”’ made from three different organic fruits. Pomegranate, Cherry and Apple.

Europe is the most important producer of organic juices and this is a co-financed campaign for the European juices sector represented by 3 countries, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Organic pomegranate juice is represented by ASOP, a producer’s organization. Organic cherry juice is represented by BNHU, a non-profit trade organization. And organic apple juice is represented by BIOROMANIA, an association of entities (organizations, producers) that are activated in the organic farming sector.

The campaign will be implemented, through the EU campaign “European Organic Juices”. The main purpose is to disseminate quality European agri-food products across the globe to regions of high demand.

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