Monday, April 13, 2020

In Times of Global Health Crisis, Dubai Future Foundation Reimagines Life after COVID-19

The Foundation’s research arm, Dubai Future Research, and its lineup of reports offer crucial insights for shaping a better future after the global outbreak, for the UAE and the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Monday 13 April 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) has stepped up its efforts in responding to the global COVID-19 crisis by furthering research for the benefit of society. The Foundation’s research arm, Dubai Future Research, has launched a series of reports titled  ‘Life after COVID-19’  that focuses on the most important areas of people’s lives and enables them to identify the opportunities that lie ahead, while setting out some short and longer-term implications.

In just over three months, the number of cases of the novel coronavirus has soared to more than a million worldwide and as the pandemic continues to unfold, the UAE Government has put in place a series of measures designed to reduce and contain it from spreading further.

The Foundation, in its commitment to support the UAE’s efforts to combat COVID-19, has made a decision to deliver reports and analysis of the disruption caused by the virus and offer insights about the future of key sectors, including workspace, education and commerce. Additionally, the entity aims to ensure that organizations, government officials and members of community have access to this important resource to better anticipate, navigate and proactively react towards the future.

COVID-19 presents an opportunity for governments in the Arab World and across the globe to disrupt and accelerate its efforts in providing suitable regulations, guidelines and platforms to adapt to the foreseen changes. The reports, in addition to aiding the UAE Government with suggestions and implementation of certain regulations and policies, will also provide both short- and long-term solutions that can be adopted by public and private sector organizations in Dubai and the world.

The series of research papers will continue to be issued at regular intervals until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Accompanying these insights, DFF will create platforms and online discussions to provide more insights and opportunities to interact with experts. For more information about Dubai Future Research and reports on Life after COVID-19, please visit the Foundation’s website at


Noora Al Hathboor

Associate Manager – Corporate Communications

Dubai Future Foundation

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