Saturday, November 23, 2019

Enconnex Acquires Active Energy Solutions Division of Methode Electronics, Inc.

Strategic Acquisition Solidifies Long-Term Relationship and Enables Efficient Manufacture and Delivery of Innovative Lithium-Ion UPS.

RENO, Nev. -Saturday 23 November 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Enconnex announced today that it has acquired assets of Active Energy Solutions (AES), a division of Methode Electronics, Inc., solidifying the long-term relationship between the two firms. Under an exclusive distribution agreement with AES, Enconnex has been offering the AC6000 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to its customers. Enconnex has established a new manufacturing facility in its Reno, Nev., headquarters and incorporated the product into its integrated data center solutions.

“This acquisition is the logical extension of our strategic partnership with AES,” said Thane Moore, Director of Product Line Management, Enconnex. “The AC6000 is a robust yet eco-friendly UPS that offers the advanced features needed to support today’s IT and Data Center demands. We are also providing a firmware upgrade release to all existing customers of the AC6000 allowing them to benefit with the latest advancements.”

The AC6000 is the first line-interactive UPS that both protects IT equipment from power outages and supplements the electrical grid during periods of peak energy consumption with its peak shave technology. Its industrial-grade lithium-ion battery pack supplies up to 6kW of power for six full minutes — 330 percent longer than legacy lead-acid batteries. It offers fast recharge to 90 percent in less than one hour, and delivers up to seven years of maintenance-free battery life. It’s up to 75 percent lighter than UPSs that use lead-acid batteries, and has a compact design that takes up just 2U of rack space in the data center.

The patent-pending peak shave technology in the AC6000 uses advanced energy management techniques to transfer to battery power during peak loads, thus reducing overall energy costs. The AC6000 is designed to maintain battery cell power balance, and it provides integrated safety electronics and thermal management for individual cells. It features a multifunctional LCD panel that displays critical performance metrics and alerts, and it supports serial and SNMP communications for remote monitoring and management.

“With low total cost of ownership, substantial energy savings and pricing that’s competitive with lead-acid products, the AC6000 delivers ROI in as little as two years,” Moore said. “Its lithium-ion battery pack delivers greater energy efficiency and more than seven year battery life while taking up less space within the data center cabinet. We believe this is the ideal solution for both modern web-scale data centers and edge computing applications where space is at a premium.”

The AC6000 is CE and UL listed and is available for purchase across the globe. To learn more about the AC6000 and purchase today, visit Enconnex AC6000 UPS.

About Enconnex

Enconnex designs and manufactures high-quality, cost-efficient solutions for data center infrastructure, including racks, cabinets and accessories, and connectivity, power, cooling and containment products. Enconnex also integrates cutting-edge solutions from a short list of technology partners who are recognized as industry leaders. Headquartered in Reno, Nev., Enconnex has offices and distribution facilities strategically located worldwide to serve the needs of its global customers.

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