Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pennington Fund Announces the Appointment of Yusuf Yasseen as Investment Adviser - Serving South Africa

Mr. Yasseen will use his experience and expertise to introduce Pennington Fund to South Africa

HONG KONG-Thursday 16 May 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mr. Yasseen is a financial investment professional with more than 12 years of experience in South Africa. Pennington specializes in offering tax-efficient Asian offshore investment opportunities to international clients. Yusuf Yasseen and Pennington Fund will now introduce that same offshore experience to South African HNW, institutional investors and advisors.

Learn more about Yusuf: https://www.linkedin.com/in/therealyusufyasseen/

About Pennington:

Pennington is an Asian registered private non-ETF hedge fund that serves the complex and comprehensive financial needs of high net worth and institutional investors. Founded in 1998, Pennington is led by professionals with extensive experience managing diverse investment opportunities. Pennington serves successful investors by providing objective advice, strategy, and investment services to generate consistently higher returns.

Pennington Trading and Pennington Fund enter the South African market with expert leadership from co-founders John Pennington and Charles Pennington. Pennington has specialized in its "Bridge-to-Asia" program for over 20-years, and has traditionally offered tax-sheltered offshore investment opportunities to European and Middle Eastern clients who wish to add Asian growth opportunities to their portfolios. Pennington now brings that same offshore experience to South African HNW, institutional investors and advisors.

Pennington has "two sides to the house", a trading side, and a fund side. Pennington Trading manages a wide variety of trades and services, including its unique Managed Trading Platform ("MTP"). Pennington's Funds are more conservative, offering traditional investment fund services.

In recent years, Pennington has increasingly focused on high-growth markets, including Commodities and Real Estate.

One thing that sets Pennington apart is its group of advisors and analysts. They have a very strong track record of accurately predicting moves in the market, especially in Energy and Precious Metals. Pennington's strategy is to help clients build a high-value long-term growth portfolio that is built on a series of short-term trades, especially in Oil, Gold, and related stocks, commodities, and options.

Pennington consistently takes advantage of good timing during key trading cycles, and portfolio growth is typically in the 95th percentile, compared to other Asian Hedge Funds of similar scale.

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SALES: yyasseen@pennington-trading.com (Yusuf Yasseen)
MEDIA: wong@pennington-trading.com (Pamela Wongkhasum)

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