Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Men Get Ready to Join the Grooming Bandwagon

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 22 January 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

Most men are ready to grow moustaches, but the fear of spotting a white hair might shun the thought for many. To ensure that white hair doesn’t sap the self-image of the individual, CosmeSurge in Abu Dhabi has introduced an advanced preventive as well as a curative measure against hair whitening.

“It is normal for hair colour to change as people age, but white hair can appear almost any time in life. Even teenagers and people in their early 20s may notice stands of white hair. To ensure that white hair doesn’t embarrass individuals amongst their peers, we’ve introduced an advanced option of laser treatment, the first of its kind in the UAE to wither away white hair,” said Dr Salwa Abo Rashed who serves as a specialist dermatologist at CosmeSurge.

The advanced laser treatment at CosmeSurge is suitable to eliminate white hair from moustache, beard and all other sensitive areas. The procedure is not only safe, but has very little downtime and can permanently shrunk the growth of white hair after 3-4 repeated sessions. The laser treatment uses electrolysis hair removal technique, which pulls out the white hair follicles, making the area free of white stands.

“Over the years, men have become increasingly conscious of their looks, and I would say that eliminating white hair and being well-groomed is the need of the hour. It’s a confidence booster and certainly makes one feel good about themselves,” added Dr Salwa.

Dr Salwa explained that a lot of her patients are men aged between 18-40 who want to look their best, but there are several others who are over 45 and meticulous about how they look. She explained that 10 years ago, men made up 25 percent of patients who opted for cosmetic procedures. Now, they make up around 65 percent. The number of male patients is growing at 2:3 times the rate of women. That is a trend nationwide. In his opinion some of the most popular procedures are liposuction, eyelid tucks, facelifts, hair removal by laser, wrinkle removal and breast reduction. According to Dr Sawla, invasive surgeries are fading out and minimally-invasive procedures now comprise xxx per cent of cosmetic procedures.

“While men are now open to cosmetic procedures, most of them want to opt for non-invasive ones as they don’t want to deal with the downtime and costs associated with surgical procedures. Hence, most of them opt for quick solutions as weight loss contouring CoolSculpting, face-lifts, liquid nose jobs, etc. A lot of them also opt for Vitamins via an Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Infusion,” added Dr Salwa.

It has been noted that Lebanon and the UAE rank first in terms of plastic surgeries performed on men. While there are several factors that drive men to opt for cosmetic procedures, some men also prefer to undergo these new forms of treatments to look glamorous.

“Men typically want to look like younger versions of themselves, but there are several patients who get this procedure aspiring to look like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and several other popular stars. Many of them are inspired to look the way these celebrities look. However, we always advise our patients what’s the best we can offer as far as a transformation is concerned. This not only sets the expectation well, but also helps them feel satiated after the procedure is complete,” said Dr Salwa.

Dr Salwa said that with most men looking at celebrities for inspiration, the macho mouth is one of the most popular procedures in recent time. The stigma once attached to cosmetic procedures is now disappearing, offering the cosmetic industry a new set of customers.

About CosmeSurge

Founded in 2002, CosmeSurge is one of the region’s most trusted brands for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. It offers modern, high quality dermatology and plastic surgery treatments, in addition to dentistry services at thirteen clinics located all across the GCC. In the UAE, CosmeSurge’s clinics are located at Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. Outside the UAE, the clinic has its presence across Oman-Muscat, as well as on London’s Harley Street. Continuing its expansion, CosmeSurge aims to forge partnerships with leading experts in Los Angeles and other overseas cities.

While each clinic is staffed with highly qualified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians, the state-of-the-art facilities at CosmeSurge provides over sixty cosmetic treatments for different areas of the body.


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