Thursday, November 22, 2018

An Innovative Healthcare Experience: A Discussion on Patient Registry as a Key Best Practice, the Dubai Healthcare City Best Practice Conference 2018

This unique model is implemented as an integrated tool used by Emirates Integra Medical and Surgery Centre, an Emirates Healthcare Company

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 20 November 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

Gone are the days when healthcare solely focused on diagnosis and treatments. Today, hospitals and medical centers around the world aim to establish a standard of care that provides a real-world view of clinical practice, patient outcomes, safety and comparative effectiveness. The patient registry is one such model that can help physicians, and other healthcare providers, access patient information in addition to serving as an integrative method to follow up on patient’s treatment outcomes.

“While the patient registry is a database that is created for the sole purpose of collecting secondary data related to patients with a specific diagnosis or condition, Emirates Integra Medical and Surgery Centre intends to use this standard to map a patient’s entire care journey. This cutting-edge use of the patient registry data will promote informed decision-making and population health management. Ultimately, healthcare professionals know that what matters most is the patients’ ability to achieve their desired outcomes and live free of limitations,” stated Emirates Integra CEO and Chief Science Officer for Emirates Healthcare, Dr. William Murrell.

“We have more than 450 patients registered, and their unique treatments are actively followed. While patient registry is a common system, we adopt a fully proven best practice approach and use it for data collection and analysis in partnership with an existing program called, Standardized Orthopedic Clinical Research and Treatment Evaluation Software (SOCRATES), customized for our clinical needs,” said Kholoud Hafsi, Research Assistant and Patient Educator at Emirates Integra Medical and Surgery Centre, while addressing conference attendees.

Kholoud was selected as one of the keynote speakers to share insights and information about Emirates Integra Medical and Surgery Centre’s unique patient registry system, a practice that helps establish high quality, evidence-based data within the limitations of a rapidly-evolving area.

Per expert analysts, the global patient registry software market is estimated to register an overall valuation of US$2.0 bn by 2023, and is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 10.5 percent during the forecast period ranging from 2015 to 2023. Factors that drive the growth of the patient registry software market are:

    An increase in use of electronic health records (EHRs), increase in prevalence of chronic disorders
    Growth in usage of the stored data for post-marketing surveillance
    A surge in healthcare initiatives to build patient registries.

“One of the main reasons we implemented the registry is that Emirates Integra Medical and Surgery Centre is one of the few worldwide facilities that perform stem cell and cellular based therapies. Integrating the registry was an effort to track the safety and outcomes of the use of these cellular technologies, as well as to treat common orthopaedic conditions. The outcomes that the registry system has offered for cellular treatments so far, have been encouraging. The positive results have driven us further to support the Dubai Healthcare City vision to adopt and implement innovative technologies, which position us as a global leader in the healthcare landscape,” added Kholoud.


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