Thursday, June 14, 2018

Road Safety Awareness Campaign Concludes Ramadan with the Wish of a Safe EID Celebration for Motorists

With EID just around the corner, The Road Safety Awareness Campaign launched by AETOSWire, the news distribution arm of NSG and the exclusive representative of Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, in MENA region; and RoadSafetyUAE, an initiative that aims to bring about safety to roads in the region, continues to remind drivers to adopt the safety driving tips learned during the campaign.

Thomas Edelmann, RoadSafetyUAE Founder and Managing Director said, “I am overwhelmed by the support this campaign has received from various sectors.  Leading newspapers made use of the data and analysis gathered jointly with i-Insured, our CSR-partner, to cover articles on UAE driving conditions.   Whilst our other CSR-partner, AETOSWire, was able to inform and engage the public through the creation of a holistic campaign support plan that includes local, regional, and global press release distribution, social media drive, and animated road safety Press Videos.”

Furthermore, he remarked, “The campaign would not be a success if not for the collective efforts of like-minded entities like i-Insured and AETOSWire, road participants, individuals and groups that believe in this cause and that aim to inculcate a positive driving culture in the UAE towards a future where road safety is a way of life.”

As for President and CEO of NSG, AETOSWire, and Esmaa News, Mr. Tony AbiHanna, “True to the hashtag of the campaign #HappyNotHastyRamadan,  what better way to end Ramadan than to celebrate EID safely and joyously with close friends and family.  Four weeks of tips and reminders on how to change and control driving behaviors surely somehow resonated with motorists.  And of course the advocacy continues until road participants adopt a culture of caring and the number of accidents and fatalities goes down to zero.”

He added, “It has been a privilege working with RoadSafetyUAE in this campaign.  It will be an honor to continue to be a part of this initiative.  As Ramadan is coming to an end, may road participants remember the tips to road safety and enjoy EID away from haste and harm.”

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