Sunday, January 28, 2018

Technology is Transforming Healthcare Delivery in the UAE

 Head of US$8 billion-dollar healthcare company leads the health-tech revolution

San Francisco, CA-Sunday, January 28th 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

Technology is at the top of the agenda for NMC Healthcare, according to the CEO, Prasanth Manghat, who believes that technology is changing the healthcare sector and the way it operates. Speaking at the 36th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, in San Francisco, CA., recently, Prasanth Manghat said technology will change the different layers of healthcare, and in many aspects of the healthcare where the customer will expect more cutting-edge technological innovations in healthcare delivery and institutions should provide that, having fully evaluated and eradicated any possible associated risks.

Mr. Manghat added that accessibility of quality care, the constant availability of doctors and medical practitioners and competitive pricing has ensured that the NMC name is at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Having annouced an 800-million-dollar investment in healthcare, NMC is leading the field in cutting-edge technology such as unmanned ICUs, technological advancements in home health monitoring, advancements in remote specialist consultations, devices to improve IVF results, advanced genetic tests, and others.

Mr. Manghat further added that technology is the best evidence of human intelligence and has made life more productive in many different ways. “Advancements in technology have disrupted traditional businesses across industries from banking to retail to transportation and now even healthcare,” he said.

As a frontrunner in the healthcare spectrum, NMC owns and manages over 135 healthcare facilities that include hospitals, medical centers, long-term care facilities, day surgery centers, fertility centers and home health services providers. With a team of over 2,000 doctors and 18,000 paramedical and support personnel, NMC doctors treat more than 8.5 million patients every year globally and is now one of FTSE’s 100 best-performing companies.

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is a prestigious invitation-only event, attended by thought leaders, innovators, technology creators and fast growth companies from around the world. It attracts thousands of investors and hundreds of companies that run the gamut, from start-ups to those with more than $300 billion in market cap, and encompasses the entire global healthcare landscape, including pharmaceutical firms, healthcare service providers, profit and not-for-profits, and medical device companies.


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