Sunday, December 10, 2017

NMC Health Ushers In New Era of Healthcare Innovation at 2017 Milken Institute London Summit

 Prasanth Manghat, CEO and Executive Director of NMC Health, speaks about transformative power of technological solutions in the healthcare industry

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Sunday, December 10th 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

Innovations such as artificial intelligence will enable healthcare providers around the world to offer patients a better level of service, the CEO of the region’s leading healthcare groups, NMC Healthcare, has said at a healthcare conference in London.

Speaking on a panel entitled “Transforming Healthcare with Technology” at the 2017 Milken Institute London Summit, Prasanth Manghat said NMC Healthcare would continue to invest heavily in innovations to improve patient diagnosis and care. 

“The healthcare industry is changing rapidly and as a result healthcare providers are able to offer more and more innovative services. NMC’s approach to investing in future healthcare innovations is considerable. Ultimately, it is the consumers who will benefit,” said Prasanth Manghat, CEO and Executive Director of NMC Health.

Emphasising NMC Health’s commitment to exploring ways in which artificial intelligence and other innovations can positively impact the healthcare sector, Prasanth said cutting-edge medical solutions had spurred NMC to expand its integrated healthcare services across Europe and South America.

He added: “Technological innovations are leading to a new, uncharted era in the healthcare industry. Advanced artificial intelligence will completely revolutionise this sector from medical research to making accurate diagnoses. Simultaneously, researchers have already discovered unique technologies that enable geneticists to edit parts of the genome, and this is only the beginning.”

While expansion and adoption of technology remains the core focus at NMC, Prasanth advocated for healthcare organisations to be responsible by placing safety concerns as the highest priority: “It is crucial for developers to provide incentives to providers and institutions so that it can be adopted without risks. It is preferable for all parties concerned to take the time to introduce these new technologies safely rather than quickly.”

The 2017 Milken Institute London Summit brought together the foremost leaders in business, government, diplomacy, technology, media, and philanthropy to discuss, confront and solve the grand challenges ahead.

The “Transforming Healthcare with Technology” panel also included; Michael Acton Smith, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Calm; Alex Beauvais, Partner at McKinsey & Company; Sarah Haywood, CEO, MedCity; Ben Maruthappu, Co-Founder of Cera Care and NHS Innovation Accelerator. It was moderated by Andrew von Eschenbach, President of Samaritan Health Initiatives Inc.


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