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Unisaúde and Medsis to Launch Healthcare Payment Card to Serve Millions in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO -Thursday, April 6th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Unisaúde, one of the largest emerging providers of direct discounted health services in Brazil, has announced the launch of a dedicated payment card for health services that caters to the middle and upper class individuals affected by the exorbitantly high healthcare costs.

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The aim is to provide a prepaid, reloadable debit card solution to all members that manages benefits, consultations, hospital care, medications, and even veterinary services. The project will provide cost-effective benefits to members, while facilitating scheduling and payments throughout Brazil.

One driving factor for this program is the unusually low reimbursement rates to healthcare providers and pharmacies through the standard insurance companies. With the Unisaude Card program, providers will offer direct discounts to individuals, who acquire benefits for using the program for direct payments. With Healthcare plans for upper and middle class recipients being in the realm of $3000 Reales (approximately $1000 USD) monthly, the direct spend and discount benefits help millions access services at a much lower cost point.

Unisaúde is partnering with Medsis and their payments processing partner, WAIV, to work to immediately onboard the nearly 1.8 million members currently paying an average of $340 Reales a month in services today (+/- $110 USD monthly). For the low cost of $39 Reales a month, members have access to the growing network of discounts and services, substantially increasing monthly savings.

Jose Carlos Carvahlo, CEO, Director, and visionary of the Unisaude program expressed his excitement, “I am very happy with the partnership between UNISAÚDE and MEDSIS. I am sure that this partnership will strengthen the Brazilian healthcare market.”

Medsis will merge all existing database systems into one unified civilian record using their database technology, CEREBRO, while WAIV will be the financial bridge between Unisaúde and the local Brazilian Bank to create accounts enabling network branded debit cards for Unisaude’s members to securely pay for services or medications and access benefits, as well as maximize their savings.

Dax Cabrera, the founder of Medsis, said, “Medsis is excited to partner with Unisaúde to transform the existing system, in order to provide the services and solutions for a healthier tomorrow..”

“This is a very important project,” John Fenga, CEO of WAIV, said. “Healthcare is essential to everyone, and allowing more people to access it makes the world a better place.”

About the Players:

Unisaúde ( is a health insurance administrator affiliated with the Brazilian Government that offers health solutions for companies, relying on a large providers’ network. They work from an integral model of promotion, prevention, treatment, and maintenance.

Medsis ( is an international technology company that provides Big Data management solutions that enable access, integration, consolidation and analytics even in environments with volatile infrastructure.

WAIV ( is a global remittance company designed to make international money transfers safer, faster, and cheaper. Their aim is to increase financial inclusion worldwide for the 2 billion unbanked people across the globe.

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