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Russell Reynolds Associates and Hogan Assessments Help Organizations Predict C-suite Success with Leadership Span

NEW YORK-Thursday, March 9th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Business complexity and volatility now and in the future are dramatically changing the leadership qualities required in the C-suite. In response to this, Russell Reynolds Associates and Hogan Assessments today introduced Leadership Span™, a scientific, evidence-based approach to executive search and assessment that helps predict executive performance. This approach helps organizations mitigate the risk of executive selection by finding and developing leaders with the highest likelihood of long-term success in C-suite roles. Leadership Span will enable Russell Reynolds to work with organizations across all leadership roles to:

    Select future leaders who are best equipped to navigate constant uncertainty, mitigating risks and improving executive transitions
    Create robust succession plans to ensure the right kind of talent is available as needed
    Develop C-suite leaders to perform durably
    Identify next-generation leaders with the highest future potential early in their careers

Leadership Span is the first development stemming from the partnership between Hogan, a global leader in personality assessment and leadership development, and Russell Reynolds, one of the world’s leading executive search and leadership advisory firms. It offers a competency framework and assessment approach to increase the precision of C-suite selection, succession and development decisions.

The Leadership Span framework consists of two components:

Core Leadership that represents the essential leadership competencies that are required of all leaders at all levels

C-suite Differentiators that represent the four pairs of “competing competencies” that differentiate leaders who can not only make it to the C-suite but also perform resiliently in C-suite roles over time

Leadership Span is based on the premise that the best leaders are not defined by a single skill but by their ability to move across “competing competencies.” As a result, the most effective leaders can be both disruptive and pragmatic, risk taking and reluctant, heroic and vulnerable, galvanizing and connecting. And, in doing so, they are uniquely able to perform at high levels across a range of scenarios over an extended period of time.

“We believe that Leadership Span is a game changer in the world of executive search, which has largely remained unchanged, even as organizations globally have dealt with an unprecedented leadership confidence crisis,” said Clarke Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Russell Reynolds Associates. “Leadership Span is a framework that will influence how we help companies select and develop best-in-class leaders who demonstrate prowess across competing competencies. Those leaders will be equipped with a diverse portfolio of skills that they can readily deploy as circumstances change. This especially is crucial in C-suite roles, where a ‘retreat to strengths’ is rarely an option in the face of disruptive change.”

“It is quite shocking that in a data-driven age most leaders are still selected in a serendipitous and arbitrary manner,” said Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Executive Officer, Hogan Assessments. “Indeed, even when organizations evaluate candidates for executive roles, they tend to play it by ear. Leadership Span leverages the latest developments in scientific assessment to provide a data-driven alternative for predicting leadership effectiveness at all levels, across all industries, and in all cultures.”

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