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CYNORA and Juhua announce cooperation on OLED TVs

SHENZHEN, China & BRUCHSAL, Germany - Tuesday, September 20th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CYNORA, a leader in highly efficient blue emitter materials for OLEDs, and Juhua, the Chinese open platform company aiming at the industrialization of printing OLED technology to produce OLED TVs, have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to cooperate on OLED TV development. CYNORA is joining the technology platform with Juhua which is held by two China Panel Giants CSOT and Tianma.

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The OLED display market is already established and is growing fast with a CAGR 41%, as the LCD industry is moving towards OLED. This new technology has several advantages versus LCD displays for end-users. The OLED displays show a superior picture quality with extremely high contrast ratio and brilliant colors. They can also be made flexible and bendable and therefore allow new shapes of applications.

The Chinese industry is a major player in the LCD technology and is now preparing its move to OLED for portable devices and TVs screens. Industry experts expect that China will be the second largest producer of OLED displays after Korea, by 2021 with a total market share of 24%.

CSOT (a TCL holding company) and Tianma are co-establishing a cooperation platform (Juhua) with allied universities and R&D institutes to accelerate the development of the key printing technology know-how for future OLED TVs. Juhua’s open platform technology development is also associated to suppliers of materials and deposition tools as well.

CYNORA will contribute to this platform with its know-how and materials for the development of OLED displays with high performance and cost competitiveness. “TCL is fully dedicated to solution processable OLED technology to further expand with its business” says Dr. Xiaolin Yan, Chairman of Juhua Board Meeting and CTO of TCL “We are closely associating our key suppliers on our technical development for a faster launch of our OLED TVs. A highly efficient blue emitting material is crucial to offer products with the lowest energy consumption. Working with CYNORA is very important to us.”

“A deep cooperation between material providers and display makers is key for a fast progress in OLED” says Gildas Sorin, CYNORA CEO, “Our full organic TADF materials without heavy metals, targeting vacuum deposition first, can be used for ink jet printing easily, as well. CYNORA is very delighted to contribute to the success of the Juhua open platform.”

About Juhua

Guangdong Juhua printed display company is a subsidiary of both China Star Optic-electrical Technology (a TCL corporate company) and the Tianma Group, CSOT/Tianma hold 66%/34% of Juhua’ share respectively. With strong support from both giant shareholders, Juhua is deemed to be a technology leading company in printed OLED field.

Juhua is also an open innovation platform and independent legal entity mainly focused on printed OLED core technology, by following the philosophy of “leading by market, collaborate with industry and university, guided by government, ally with all resources, and achieve a win-win business model”, to drive the progress of whole display industry, and help the Guangdong Province to be the next generation display technology center.

About TCL

TCL Corporation is a global manufacturer of smart products and provider of Internet application services. The wholly-listed TCL Corporation (000100. SZ) consists of TCL Multimedia (01070. HK), TCL Communication (02618. HK), TCL Display (00334. HK) and Tonly Electronics (01249. HK). Founded in 1981, TCL runs businesses with a workforce of 78,000 employees, with offices in over 80 countries and regions across Asia, America, Europe and Oceania, along with 23 R&D centers and 21 manufacturing bases. TCL reported operating revenue of 104.6 billion yuan (approx. US$16.02 billion) in 2015 and the brand value equal to 71 billion yuan (approx. US$10.86 billion), ranking first among the TV brands in China.


Founded in 2008, CYNORA is a leader in the TADF technology. The company's focus is on high-efficiency blue OLED emitter systems which will enable a significant reduction of the power consumption in OLED devices. The multidisciplinary team of CYNORA, with 70 employees by the end of 2016, is highly focused on meeting the customers’ requirements. CYNORA has established representation in Korea and China and is working closely with its customers on material and device development. The company owns a broad IP portfolio with over 100 patent families and is aiming for over 600 patents.

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