Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas donation: Erich Utsch AG focuses on educational and vocational development of young people

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The leading supplier of vehicle license plates and registration systems emphasizes its commitment to promoting young people

SIEGEN, Germany - Monday, December 16th 2013

For decades, it has been a fine pre-Christmas tradition for Erich Utsch AG – world leader in vehicle license plates and registration systems – to make a donation for charitable or non-profit purposes. This year's donation went to the "AnstoƟ zum Leben" foundation, which is dedicated to promoting young soccer talents. At the same time, the foundation aims to play its part in improving the educational and vocational development of young people and equipping them with positive social values by means of commitment to sport. Utsch has been committed to providing young people with vocational support for many years.

As a renowned global supplier of vehicle license plate and registration system technologies, the German firm Utsch has been providing future-orientated solutions based on state-of-the-art technology for decades. With its comprehensive, high-quality offer together with its consistent focus on high-level training and promoting young people, Utsch secures its position as innovative market leader in the global vehicle license plate sector. To retain its position as world leader in future, Utsch cooperates with universities, trains its young staff members and places emphasis on ongoing technological innovation.

"Discipline and assertiveness, team spirit and cooperation skills, reliability and punctuality all remain the basic pillars of professional development. Using sport to impart these social values is a valuable investment in the future and performance of our society as a whole," explains Helmut Jungbluth, CEO of Erich Utsch AG. "We are happy to contribute towards the development and promotion of children and youngsters in our region. In this way, with our regional assistance and support, we are remaining true to our approach of safeguarding a part of the future for us all."

Boasting over 50 years’ experience, Erich Utsch AG – based in Siegen, Germany – is a worldwide market leader in vehicle registration plate technology and a supplier of comprehensive identification and registration systems. With around 550 employees in more than 130 countries, Utsch provides customer-specific solutions to ensure greater safety in the registration and identification of motor vehicles.

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