Monday, September 16, 2013

dayli: Comprehensive retail trade structure in Central Europe available for purchase

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LINZ, Austria - Sunday, September 15th 2013

In the course of insolvency proceedings of the dayli chain in Austria, the receiver in insolvency is trying to find an international purchaser for the attractive, extensively dispersed retail structure. The offer encompasses a total of about 1,000 small retail trade businesses in several countries, the network of electronic data processing and cash register infrastructure, the warehouses and the market rights for dayli. A purchaser would have 1,000 ready made locations at his or her disposal. Splitting is also possible.

In July 2013 the retail chain dayli, as successor to the German group of drugstores Schlecker in Austria, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg and Belgium, had to go into receivership. The retail structure of dayli consists of between 500 and 700 rented, completely furnished small retail trade units of about 100 to 400m2 in size in Austria, about 190 in Italy, 160 in Poland, 28 in Luxembourg and 3 in Belgium.

The central warehouse and the administration building in Austria is also available for renting, and the central warehouse in Portogruaro in Northern Italy is on sale. All businesses, warehouse and administrative locations are linked via a central electronic data processing and cash register network. Some goods are still available in the warehouses. As the company is in the process of closure, most of the employees are still available for renewed appointment, and the customer loyalty built up over many decades is still unbroken.

All persons who are interested are requested to contact the receiver in insolvency directly, Dr. Rudolf Mitterlehner, in Linz (Austria) via e-mail: .


(Preferred method of correspondence by email)

Dr. Rudolf Mitterlehner

ikp Salzburg GmbH

T: +43 662 633 255 120


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