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American Express Reveals 2024 Top Travel Trends

NEW YORK - Tuesday, 12. March 2024

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- American Express Travel® released its 2024 Global Travel Trends Report1 today, highlighting the inspiration and trends driving global travel bookings this year.

The report, based on survey data from travelers in the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, found that 84% of respondents plan to spend more or the same amount of money on travel in 2024 compared to last year. Additionally, 77% of respondents care more about having the right travel experience than about the cost of the trip.

The four trends driving booking decisions are:

For the Love of the Game: Sports fans are planning trips around athletic events, whether it involves a favorite sport, a beloved team, or an international multi-sport competition

Planning Big: Major, expedition-style adventures, like a trip to the Galapagos Islands or trekking with the gorillas, deliver the transformative experiences that travelers are looking for

Going Solo: Travelers are takings trips alone, embracing the ease of planning and ability to tailor itineraries that are a perfect fit

On a Whim: With so much of life being structured and scheduled these days, people are seeking flexibility in their travel plans and leaving room for spontaneity

“Travelers are focused on creating the right itineraries and building memories, whether that means booking a trip to see a favorite sports team compete or taking a once-in-a-lifetime expedition cruise,” says Audrey Hendley, President of American Express Travel. “Our Global Travel Trends Report sheds light on what is driving global travel bookings and provides inspiration for where to go next. Our American Express Travel Consultants can help, no matter what type of trip you want to take.”

Top insights from American Express Travel’s 2024 Global Travel Trends Report include:

A desire to see sporting events live and to watch favorite teams and beloved players in person are driving where travelers are going and what they are doing when they get there.

67% of Millennial and Gen Z respondents2 (compared to 58% of all respondents) are interested in traveling for sporting events in 2024

58% of respondents who are traveling for sports in 2024 will do so for soccer, basketball or Formula 1 racing

New York, Miami and Paris are the top destinations respondents are planning to travel to for sporting events this summer

Transformative, once-in-a-lifetime trips, like visiting the Galapagos Islands and hiking in Antarctica, are at the top of many travelers’ wish lists, and younger travelers want an expert to help them plan.

65% of respondents are more interested in taking a major trip in 2024 than in previous years

72% of respondents would rather save money for a major trip than spend it on going out with friends; and more than half of respondents plan on saving between 6 months to 2 years for a major trip

58% of Millennial and Gen Z respondents want a travel agent or trusted advisor to help them book a major trip this year

55% of respondents planning a major trip would consider visiting multiple countries in a region

The ease of planning and ability to make the perfect, personalized itinerary is driving people to plan trips alone, especially younger travelers.

76% of Millennials and Gen Z respondents (compared to 69% of all respondents) say they are planning on taking a solo trip 2024

74% of male respondents and 63% of female respondents say they are planning on taking a solo trip in 2024

66% of respondents planning on traveling solo are planning a trip tailored to treat themselves

60% of respondents planning on traveling solo this year intend to take two or more solo trips

Travelers are leaning into flexible itineraries, allowing them the freedom to be spontaneous and experience the local culture when they travel.

78% of respondents say that spontaneous trips appeal to them

77% of Millennials and Gen Z have booked a last-minute trip before, compared to 65% of Gen X3 and 52% of Baby Boomers4

68% of respondents agree that they like to leave unplanned time in their trip to experience local culture/activities

57% of respondents prefer booking a last-minute getaway to a nearby destination rather than somewhere far away

As the demand for travel continues into 2024, American Express provides eligible Card Members with exceptional travel access and experiences, including 1,400+ airport lounges through its Global Lounge Collection®; expert Travel Consultants who can build dream itineraries for everything from major trips like an expedition cruise or safari, to quick weekend getaways; restaurant reservations through Resy and curated where-to-eat guides at Resy.com/Travel; benefits across global sporting experiences and venues; benefits at over 2,000 hand-picked hotels around the world via Fine Hotels + Resorts® and The Hotel Collection; more than 1,000 premium vacation rental properties via Select Homes + RetreatsTM, and more.

The full American Express Travel 2024 Global Travel Trends Report can be viewed here.


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1Survey Methodology: This poll was conducted between January 31 – February 8, 2024 among a sample of 2,005 US Adults, 1,007 Australia Adults, 1,002 Canada, 1,002 UK Adults, 1,002 Japan Adults, 1,006 Mexico Adults and 1,005 India Adults who have at least a $50k+ income equivalent and typically travel at least once a year. The interviews were conducted online. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2-4 percentage points. Some geographies may be weighted with fewer variables depending on local census data availability.

2Millennials and Gen Z are defined as respondents as being born between 1981 - 2012.

3GenX are defined as respondents as being born between 1965 - 1980.

4Baby Boomers are defined as respondents as being born between 1946 - 1964.

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